Tesla S3XY Buttons Review – Are They Worth It?

Can Enhance Auto’s S3XY Buttons unlock the full potential of your Tesla? Let’s find out. When I first got my Tesla Model Y, I was worried that its minimalistic approach would take a bit to get used to. Gone are the traditional buttons used to control climate, media, and even the glovebox. Instead, you use a large touchscreen to control the features and settings of the vehicle. It really is a shift from the “normal.” That said, I was surprised at how quickly I got used to this setup. So much so that I look at other vehicles and wonder why there are so many buttons. Still, with UI updates and buried functions, I wish Tesla included a few buttons to quickly access common items. That’s where Enhace Auto’s S3XY Buttons come in. Get 10% … Continue reading Tesla S3XY Buttons Review – Are They Worth It?