How To Fix Tesla Curb Rash Easily & Properly

Thanks to rims that stick out further than the rubber on the tires, curb rash is almost inevitable on Tesla Model Y’s and Model 3’s. Even if you think you drive like Mario Andretti, if you sneeze by a curb you are going to get a rash. Thankfully there is an easy DIY fix. So put down that black Sharpie, let’s fix your Tesla curb rash properly. How Much Does it Cost To Fix Curb Rash? Taking your car to a rim repair shop is not cheap. You are looking at upwards of $100 per tire to fix an issue that took seconds to occur. If you are keen to tackle this on your own you can do so for under $20 and with 30 minutes of your time. In my example, I had a … Continue reading How To Fix Tesla Curb Rash Easily & Properly