Is the Tesla CHAdeMO Adaptor Worth It?

Before setting out on my cross Canada trip, I purchased a Tesla CHAdeMO adapter. This was 100% an insurance policy. It was my first road trip in an electric vehicle and I wanted to make sure I had my bases covered. After a 9,000 km trip across the country, I can report that I did not get stranded or stuck once. So, is the Tesla CHAdeMO adaptor worth it? In my opinion, yes and no. Here’s why. What is CHAdeMO? Before we dive into if the Tesla CHadeMo adaptor is worth it, let’s clear up what we are talking about. CHAdeMO is short for “CHArge de MOve.” This is a simple nod to the fact that it is a fast-charging method for electric vehicles. It was introduced as a standard by Japanese automakers in 2010. … Continue reading Is the Tesla CHAdeMO Adaptor Worth It?