Tesla Tips for Newbies and Turo Renters

With several Turo rentals now under my belt, I have noted a common thread of questions. Since many of my renters are new to Teslas and EV’s in general, I thought it would be beneficial to capture them all here with a list of Tesla tips. With that in mind, here’s my list of Tesla tips for newbies and Turo renters. Charging Questions and concerns around charging always come up from those new to Teslas and EV‘s. A common misconception with Teslas is that they can only use Superchargers. In reality, there are several options available including a standard 120 V plug. All have different charging times and connecter types. Let’s break down those options with these Tesla tips. Level 1 Charging Level 1 charging is the slowest option and includes your standard 120 V … Continue reading Tesla Tips for Newbies and Turo Renters