Electric Conversations – MYEV Trips Interview with Zaap Charge

Last week I joined ZAAP Charge’s Electric Conversations and had a good chat about my ups and downs with owning an EV so far. We covered all the hot topics from range anxiety and Turo accidents to Hanna Alberta and Nickleback. ?

Have a listen and let me know what you think!

What is Zaap Charge?

Zaap Charge is a company that builds ultra-fast EV charging stations and infrastructure. They’re Canadian and based out of my hometown of Vancouver, BC. Their goal is to make driving an electric vehicle easy and claim that their stations charge vehicles “as fast as 8 to 15 minutes.” This is to help drivers enjoy the road and worry less about topping up the “tank.”

What is Electric Conversations?

Host Rob Hislop runs Electric Conversations as a way to promote all things electric vehicles. The goal is to engage with folks in the electric vehicle community who are doing interesting things. Past guests have included environmentalists, EV photographers, and EV road trippers promoting clean travel.

This live stream is shared through several social media channels and has amassed viewers from Canada and beyond.

Electric Conversations with MYEV Trips

My intention for this interview was to talk about all the great trips I have taken so far. This was also my intention for this website. Since I have been dealing with some setbacks like the Turo accident and dealing with Tesla on the repair, the conversations revolved around these experiences. Still, there is plenty of value there. Rob pointed out they have yet to talk to someone that has had an accident with their Tesla. Lucky me.

That said, we do get into some travel topics. This includes my travel website, my trip off of the Supercharger network, and my experience with 3rd party chargers across Canada. Come along.

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