7 Things EV Drivers Should Know Before Going Back to an ICE Vehicle

A few weeks ago, I shared an embarrassing story on how I got behind the wheel of an ICE vehicle and immediately forgot how to drive. I was so confused why I couldn’t turn the key to start it, only to find out, after calling for help ?, I wasn’t pressing the brake. To my surprise, I’m not the only one to have this struggle. I shared the story online and the post was flooded with funny (and scary) stories from other EV drivers going back to an ICE vehicle. With that in mind, I thought I would share some of the common ones.

So, to all the EV drivers out there, consider these 7 things before you drive an ICE vehicle again.


Before diving into this list of things to consider before driving an ICE vehicle again I should state that, although this is a lighthearted list, there are some points here that can help avoid an accident. Drive safe and be sure to understand what you are working with before pulling away!

Starting the Car

As noted in my post, my issues with going back to an ICE vehicle was simply starting it. EV drivers get pretty use to sitting in their vehicle, stepping on the accelerator, and going. Using a key to fire an engine is foreign for several others based on the feedback I received.

Walking Away While the Car Is Running

By far the most common issue that came up was walking away without turning off the ICE vehicle. One Facebook group member even shared that he left his vehicle running for 13 hours while at work!

Walking Away Without Locking the Vehicle

Another common issue I heard was walking away from ICE vehicles, some of which still running, and not locking the doors! Now this was way more common with Tesla owners who are used to their phones being their key. Still, think twice before leaving your ICE vehicle!

Shifting With Wipers

Those that have gotten used to stalk shifters will certainly be surprised when you engage the wipers while trying to reverse!

Relying on Regenative Breaks

By far the scariest difference (and one to really be aware of) is the fact that ICE vehicles don’t stop on their own. After driving an EV for months and then getting behind an ICE vehicle you may forget that you don’t have regenerative brakes to stop the car. Based on the feedback I received, many people have come close to hitting a vehicle in front of them.

Again, this was a very common response so please make note of this when you drive an ICE vehicle again!

Missing Power

Something to definitely keep in mind when driving an ICE vehicle is the lack of that instant power. This is something to keep in mind when changing lanes or in situations where you need to get in front of another vehicle.

Thinking Something is Wrong

Last up on this list is that, despite the sounds coming from the hood, your car is probably fine. It really is amazing how quiet EV’s are. So much so that it throws many EV drivers when they get behind a gas-powered car again.


There you have it, 7 things EV drivers should consider before driving an EV again. Maybe you be on vacation driving a rental. Maybe you will be driving one because your EV is in the shop like mine! Either way, consider these tips. Some will save you from embarrassment. Others just might save you from getting in an accident!

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