Tesla Delivery Day Checklist

Congrats on making it to Tesla delivery day! The following checklist will ensure that you thoroughly identify any issues. This will help remove or limit any potential headaches dealing with Tesla post-delivery.

Print out a copy of this list and take it with you. Work your way through this checklist and take your time. Document specific details when it comes to any dings, dents, scratches, paint and alignment issues in the notes area. Take a photo of the issue along with a numbered sticky note or piece of tape in the frame so you can easily identify the area and issue later. This will help when dealing with Tesla to have the issue resolved.



Driver Side Front Fender:

Driver Side Front Wheel:

Driver Side Door & Window:

Driver Side Rear Door & Window:

Driver Side Read Wheel:

Driver Side Rear Fender and Charge Port:



Passenger Side Front Fender:

Passenger Side Front Wheel:

Passenger Side Door & Window:

Passenger Side Rear Door & Window:

Passenger Side Read Wheel:

Passenger Side Rear Fender and Charge Port:


Driver Seat:

Centre Console & Screen:

Passenger Seat:

Back Seats:


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