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That Time I Drove My Tesla on the Beach

Can you drive a Tesla on the beach? I went to Long Beach, Washington to find out.

Despite driving on the beach in the past, I had reservations about attempting it with my Tesla Model Y. A less-than-encouraging Facebook group had me second-guessing it however, I did my research and went prepared.

This is my time driving my Tesla on the beach.

Driving On The Beach Tips

If you are thinking about taking your Tesla on the beach, I suggest you go back and read my post on how to prepare. This will ensure you have a fun day while staying out of the news cycle.

In short, ensure you;

Heading to Long Beach

The first stop on my west coast road trip was Long Beach, Washington. My intentions were to get into town with enough time for a sunset drive on the beach however I ran late. This was too bad as the sunset on the way down was a banger with a beautiful pink sky.

Add insult to injury, the following day was completely fogged in. On the positive, I was staying at the Adrift Hotel, which is super cosy. I had no complaints waiting out the fog with a coffee in my comfortable room.

On top of the cosy room, the Adrift Hotel includes free charging with your stay. This meant I was able to leave topped up despite the delay.

For my full review of the Adrift Hotel, check out this post.

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World’s Longest Beach?

Long Beach, Washington claims to be the world’s longest beach. In reality, Long Beach is the world’s longest-drivable beach. It’s also the longest beach in the United States. It’s the 3rd longest beach in the world.

Despite the misleading title, Long Beach is an incredibly popular place for driving on the beach. Clamming and beach bonfires are common and on this lazy weekend, people were out in full force.

Preparing to Drive My Tesla on the Beach

Just before driving on the beach, I pulled over to prepare. As I deflated my tires I noted several trucks and SUVs passing by, none of them stopping to deflate theirs.

I polled those that responded positively in the Facebook group about their experience and asked if they deflated their tires. The answer was a resounding no. Still, I wasn’t taking any chances and with my portable air compressor, it was no trouble at all. Plus the cost to get towed and the embarrassment that inevitably comes along with it was not something I wanted to experience.

Once my wheels were deflated, I was good to roll. I made my way onto the beach and then up the coast.

Driving on Long Beach

Driving on the beach is exhilarating and was fun to cruise along the crashing waves. Driving a Tesla on the beach, I got plenty of looks from all the jacked-up trucks that bombed around that day.

After a while, I stopped to make use of my new drone and got some great shots of Long Beach. Side note, the glass roof of the Model Y makes for a great drone launch and landing pad.

Rinsing Off & Wrapping UP

Although I didn’t hit very much wet sand, I wasn’t taking any chances and went to a nearby car wash to rinse off. Corrosion is an issue with any vehicle however Teslas seem to be particularly bad.

Despite the fog delay, I had plenty of time to run up and down Long Beach. Still, I wish I planned an extra night as a bonfire on the beach or even camping would have been great. A good excuse to return!

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