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Vancouver ClearBra Review – Where To Get PPF Installed in the LMD

Are you thinking about adding paint protection film to your Tesla? Read on for this Vancouver ClearBra review, my pick for PPF installation in the Lower Mainland.

As highlighted in my post on why I had Xpel Stealth PPF installed on my Tesla Model Y, the benefits of paint protection AND colour change is a great combo. What I didn’t share is what the install process looks like and why I went with Vancouver ClearBra. Let’s dive into just that.

Why I Chose Vancouver ClearBra for My PPF Install

Despite a handful of Xpel certified shops in my area, I went with Vancouver ClearBra for two simple reasons;

  1. their length in the industry and…
  2. their commitment to stand behind their work.

Vancouver ClearBra is the Oldest PPF Company in Vancouver

Vancouver ClearBra has been wrapping cars in the lower mainland since 2004. With almost 20 years of experience behind them, you know you are going to get quality service.

Still, before making my decision I dove into the Vancouver ClearBra reviews online and found many happy customers. I reached out to one recent customer who had Xpel Stealth installed on their Tesla and was happy with what I heard about the owner and his team.

“Jurgen and Trevor Stand by their work.”


This commitment sold me. Having recently dealt with a Tesla delivery team who was eager to get rid of me and my delivery day issues, going with someone that stands by what they do was key.

On top of that, Jurgen is a wealth of knowledge. I am used to dealing with people through email. This means a lot of back-and-forths and, often, frustration when not getting direct answers. Jurgen is quick to pick up the phone and provide a thorough explanation. I had a lot of questions and Jurgen had even more answers.

Installation process

Scheduling and dropping off my car at Vancouver Clearbra was seamless. After running through what I discussed with Jurgen over the phone, (full Xpel Stealth PPF including centre console, window tint, and logo painting) I handed over my key.  Thanks to a co-located space with Pearls Auto Spa, my Model Y got a good one over before any PPF was applied.

Once washed up and ready for PPF, I dropped in to get some photos and videos of the installation process. I was surprised to find just how thorough Jurgen and company are. To ensure maximum coverage, Vancouver ClearBra drops bumpers and removes lights and cameras, to wrap edges and tuck corners. Some shops that charge less don’t do this and are not as attentive to detail. Buyer beware.

I watched as the team applied the film, making it look incredibly easy in the process. In reality, installing PPF is a skill, to say the least. It’s also a full team job. When I dropped in there was upwards of four people working on my car at the same time.


Vancouver ClearBra also offers window tinting on site. I opted to add coverage to my side windows and roof. This wasn’t done for luxury or privacy, however, to limit the heat coming in. It turned out a little darker than I think I would like but with 40+ degree heat this summer, it surely helped save on A/C use.

Ceramic coating

Another service Vancouver ClearBra offers is ceramic coating. Also from Xpel, this coating makes washing your car super easy, often just spraying down with water is sufficient as dirt and debris do not stick. I wanted to have this done before heading on my cross country trip but didn’t have the time to squeeze it in. I will follow up with a dedicated post once I return and share the results.

How Long Does PPF Installation Take?

In total, my Model Y was at the Vancouver ClearBra for a week. This may seem long but I would question a shop that does it in less than 5 days.

Also, I certainly didn’t want to rush the process but I had a trip planned to Vancouver Island and needed to get the car back in time. Vancouver ClearBra was great to make that happen.

How Much Does PPF Cost?

A full-coverage PPF will cost you around $5,000. Jurgen does offer discounts to various Vancouver and BC Tesla Facebook group members so it’s best to contact him directly for an exact quote. He will also be able to walk you through what is required and may be able to save you more, depending on what you are after.

Follow Up

Although I am thrilled with the results, there are some edges and areas that need some touchups. This includes some bubbles here and there and seams on the side mirrors. This is expected and most will sort itself out after some time in the sun. For everything else, again, this is why Vancouver ClearBra commitment to making things right is important to me.

I will follow up with Vancouver ClearBra once home from my cross-Canada trip and will be sure to update photos here once completed. 


From their in-house car detailing, to the wrapped edges and hundreds of happy customers, choosing Vancouver ClearBra for my full Xpel Stealth PPF wrap was easy. Jurgen and his team have years of experience and are ready to assist you with your own project, Tesla or not.


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