Tesla Model Y issues, at least on the first production run, are well documented. As outlined in my post on my delivery day experience, it was no surprise that my Model Y has its share of scuffs, dings, and panel gap alignment problems. What is surprising is after almost three months, I am no closer to getting these Tesla Model Y issues resolved.

After plenty of confusion and trying to track down answers, I finally have an appointment to address these deficiencies…or at least I am in the queue to have these addressed. With 300 Teslas in front of mine, I thought it would be a good idea to go over all my Tesla Model Y issues. This will help me better explain and keep track of my list when it comes time for my appointment. Hopefully, this will also help others so they know what to look for and assist in their own Tesla Model Y issues and deficiency list.

Let’s dig in.

Delivery Day Inspection

For my delivery day inspection, I used an iPhone app appropriately called Inspect Tesla. This was created by a Tesla owner to track his own issues and, although there’s good intentions, it’s buggy so be warned. Still, it provides a good place to store notes and pictures of the issues and is broken down by sections of the car.


First thing I noticed when walking up to my Model Y for the first time was a gap on the driver side of the hood. Alignment issues plagued early production units so I was thorough on looking for these.

On the front driver side, I noticed the headlight housing sticks out further than the passenger side. There’s also a paint bubble and by the driver’s side light and a small dent in the driver’s side wheel well.


On the windshield (and various parts all over the vehicle) there’s tape glue from what I can only imagine is from protective film used for shipping. This was disappointing to see as this should have been addressed when the car was detailed.


Lastly on the front of the Model Y, inside the Frunk I found scratches and paint issues on the underside of the lid.

Right Side

On the right side of the vehicle, I found a small scuff on the passenger side mirror, more tape residue on the handles, door alignment gaps, and a dent on top of the door.

There’s also a paint drip on the bottom front door trim, a scratch in the roof, and white scuff marks under the handle.

On the passenger side rear door, there are paint bubbles on top, a scratch in the back trim, another white scuff mark, and the same door alignment issues.  On the back passenger window, I also found a scuff mark on the trim.

Right Rear Fender

Moving to the backside of the vehicle, I found some of the worst alignment and gap issues. There’s also some light scratches and the rear wheel trim is not secure. On the rear window, I found a small dent/scratch.

On the driver side interior, there are cracks or paintbrush hair in the paint. There were recent reports of human hair in Tesla paint so it’s possible it could be the same here. Ewww.

Left Side

One common problem area for Model Y alignments is the charge port. Mine doesn’t look too bad but still could use some attention. There’s also scratches on the charge port light cover. Lower down, there’s a scuff on the left rear fender.

On the left rear door, I noticed more alignment issues and more tape residue. Ditto with the driver side door.

On the driver side window, I noticed a small chip in the corner of the glass. It’s slightly angled compared to other windows.

Lastly, on the exterior, there is a noticeable scuffed and scratch in the front of the left fender wheel well.


Inside my Model Y is where I really questioned the quality control and care that the Tesla delivery team puts into its cars. Despite being repeatedly told that the vehicle would be “up to Tesla standards“ the first thing I noticed was grease stains all over the backseat. How is this a thing? It’s crazy to me the car was delivered like this, but here we are.

Back Seats

Other issues in the backseat include what appears to be melted coat hanger hook, driver and passenger side scratches on the trim and the common backseat alignment issues. Thankfully, there’s a fix for the latter.

Front Seats

My Tesla Model Y issues in the front seats include a dent in the steering and a scuff on the driver side door.

On the passenger side, there is a scratch on the front of the glove box and on the side facing the door. There’s also a scratch on the vanity mirror.

Lastly, the glue residue was not restricted to the exterior as I also found it on the centre console as well.


When I opened the trunk I found a rubber stopper just sitting there. When I showed the service centre team they came out and reattached it to the hatch. Again, why only now? It was sitting in plain sight which again makes me question if anyone looked over the vehicle before handing over the keys.

What Went Well?

Again, this is to document all my Tesla Model Y issues from delivery day to ensure I get them addressed. Hopefully, it will also help others with their own checklist and deficiencies.

That all said, aside from the lack of customer service, things were not all bad with this purchase. The automatic backseat buttons, a common failure in early Model Y’s, works great. So does the car itself. It’s a blast to drive and I have no regrets on my purchase. I just wish it was easier to address the flaws, especially when you’re paying so much.

Do you have a lengthy list of Tesla Model Y issues to deal with? What was your experience addressing them? Let me know in the comments below!

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