The World’s Most Scenic EV Charging Stations

Looking for the worlds most scenic EV charging stations and locations? Here’s my take along with some incredible submissions from the EV online community from around the globe!

Why Are Scenic EV Charging Stations a Thing?

Before diving into this list of scenic EV charging stations, let’s look at why they are popping up in the first place.

With the small footprint EV chargers take up, the opportunity to put them in beautiful spots is something unique. With typical gas stations, large tanks are dropped into the ground. Pair that with the environmental aspect around leaks and spill and locations become limited.

An EV charger, on the other hand, is, in its simplest form, electrical cables and a computer station to control the flow and payment process. This, along with the demand for electric vehicles, is why EV chargers will soon outnumber gas stations. To be fair, they already do when comparing the total number of gas vehicles to the total number of electric vehicles.

On top of easily installing them at homes, hotels, and parking lots, EV chargers are popping up in some surprisingly beautiful spots. Here are some of my favourites.

Perce, Quebec, Canada

World's Most Scenic EV Charging Stations

In Perce Quebec, the pinnacle point of my 1,500 km road trip around the Gaspe Peninsula, I found arguably the world’s most scenic EV charging station. With the old weatherbeaten historic homes and Perce rock looming as its backdrop, how can it not be?

World's Most Scenic EV Charging Stations

Funny thing is, I almost missed it. The day prior to these photos I had paid to park steps away to explore the area on foot. Before leaving town I was looking for a place to top up and was shocked by both it’s close location to where I was the previous day and its beautiful backdrop.

I shared this spot online and challenged others to show me a more scenic EV location. The responses I got was incredible and has left me thinking about a road trip just to check out some of these awesome EV charging stations.

Eidfjord, Norway

As I quickly found out, Norway has no shortage of scenic EV charging stations. Eidfjord just may be the prettiest spot of them all.

This small village at the end of the Hardanger Fjord is surrounded by mountains and is a popular port town for cruise ships. The Tesla Supercharger is located next the port with mountains and ocean on all sides.

Senj, Croatia

World's Most Scenic EV Charging Stations
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Speaking of ocean and mountains, the Tesla Supercharger in Senj, Croatia has both in spades. Located on a jetty running out into the Adriatic Sea, this scenic EV charging station offers an incredible place to stretch those legs.

One Tesla owner took some great drone footage of the area and shows the beautiful contrast between the nearby red-tiled roofs and the blue sea.

Garnì Lago Nembia Hotel, Italy

Nestled next to Lake Nembia in Northern Italy, Garnì Lago Nembia is our next scenic EV charging station.

This beautiful spot was sent in by Italian EV website, Grazie!

Chasseral, Switzerland

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We head high up in the hills of Switzerland for our next stop. Visitors to this EV charging station get panoramic views of the fields and farms below, many with cows grazing and bells clanging. How Swiss is that?

Hidden Bench Winery, Ontario, Canada

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Charging your EV while hitting a winery will always win me over. At Hidden Bench Winery, visitors can do just that.

Tesla Factory, Fremont, California, USA

Although there are no Fjords or cows with bells on them, the Fremont Superstation lands on this list for its Tesla factory backdrop. Charging here is like a pilgrimage for some Tesla owners.

Port de Godbout, Quebec, Canada

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About as far away from Fremont California as you can get in an EV in North America, Port de Godbout, Quebec lands on this list for its oceanside views. Part of the Circuit Electrique network, this charging station allows EV owners to venture on the north side of the St.Lawerance River, one of the most beautiful drives in the country.

Åndalsnes, Norway

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We return to Norway on our next stop, this time a little further North. Åndalsnes, Norway is surrounded by snow peaked mountains for most of the year and makes for one of the prettiest spots to charge up in the country.

Hope Slide, British Columbia, Canada

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The next scenic EV charging station brings us to British Columbia where you can charge next to the historic Hope Slide. This BC Hydro station gets you an interesting view of the slide and, best of all, it’s free!

Twin Falls, Idaho, USA

The Supercharger in Twin Falls, Idaho itself isn’t much to write home about. Walk 50-feet towards the river and that’s a different story.

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Skibotn, Norway

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Are you sick of Norway’s Superchargers yet? Me either.

The Skibotn Supercharger is one of the most northernly locations in the world. I can only imagine the Northern Lights one can experience through the glass roof of a Tesla in the winter here!

Golden, British Columbia, Canada

My Tesla Model S charging at the Golden Supercharger

Back to my home province of British Columbia and the beautiful mountain town of Golden. There are definitely worse places to charge!

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

World's Most Scenic EV Charging Stations

Sandwiched in between two mountain ranges and roughly 100 kilometres west of Calgary is the postcard-perfect town of Canmore Alberta. Smack dab in the middle of that is one of the world’s most scenic EV charging stations.

World's Most Scenic EV Charging Stations

Also note, the Canmore Tesla Supercharger is no slouch either.

World's Most Scenic EV Charging Stations


World's Most Scenic EV Charging Stations

Although this is a joke, at the pace Tesla and SpaceX is going, its only a matter of time until there is a Supercharger on the Red Planet!

Which EV Charging Station is Your Favourite?

There you have it, from the easternmost tip of the Gaspe Peninsula to the Canadian Rockies, to Norway’s many fjords, these are some of the world’s most scenic EV charging stations. Which one is your favorite? Do you have one in mind not listed here? Let me know in the comments below or email me your photo and I will add it to this list!


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