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Tesla Jeda Wireless Pad V4 Review – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

Are you thinking about swapping out your factory Tesla phone charger for a Jeda Wireless Pad V4? Read on for my review and installation tips before you buy!

All new Tesla Models now come with a wireless charging pad to conveniently charge your smartphones. Still, companies like Jeda produce replacement wireless pads. So why would anyone want to swap that out? I ordered the Jeda Wireless Pad V4 to find out.

NOTE: The Jeda Wireless Pad V4 is only compatible with pre-2021 refresh Model 3 and Model Y’s

What is the Jeda Wireless Pad V4?

If the name doesn’t give it away, Jeda Wireless Pad is a wireless charging pad specifically designed to replace the factory offering in the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. Although it looks similar, the Jeda Wireless Pad V4 is a significant upgrade.

Jeda Wireless Pad V4 Specs

Specs pulled from the manufacturer’s website. Please consult their product compatibility guide for compatibility between versions.

Why Do You need the Jeda Wireless Pad?

The main advantage the Jeda Wireless Pad offers is the inclusion of Magsafe charging. This means that iPhones 12 and up can securely snap into place thanks to the magnets in the wireless pad. This ensures there is a good connection between your phone and the charger.

Tesla Jeda Wireless Pad V4 Review – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

There is a MagSafe magnet on both sides of the pad as well as one in the middle. This third magnet offers the ability to charge while in landscape mode and makes watching shows or movies while charging that much easier.

If you don’t use an iPhone, there are still perks to upgrading to the Jeda Wireless Pad V4. Most notably is the power output of up to 15w which means faster charging. There’s also the option to add wired charging which is nice but largely dated. Lastly, I prefer the Alcantara finish over the rubber pad the car comes with. It feels more premium and looks modern.

Jeda Wireless Pad V4 Installation

Installing the Jeda Wireless Pad V4 is largely plug and play. First, you have to remove the original charging pad and USB connection. Next, feed the included cables through the holes of the tray and connect them to the USB ports. Once done, align the wireless pad with the dimple slots on the tray and you are done.

Note: The original pad uses one USB connection whereas the Jeda Wireless Pad V4 uses two. The extra connection allows for faster and dedicated charging. If you have an older Model 3 or Y and don’t have a dedicated USB port in the glovebox, you may be short a port for your Sentry Mode storage. To remedy this, I suggest picking up a USB expansion hub. Jeda makes one that fits perfectly and looks like it came straight out of Fairmount.

The wireless pad comes with an optional separator for those looking to add wired connections as well. I did not install this as I don’t personally have the need however I may install this spacer for my Turo renters to use.

Thoughts So Far

Tesla Jeda Wireless Pad V4 Review – Is It Worth the Upgrade?

So far I am very happy with the upgrade. As an iPhone user, I love the MagSafe connection and the Alcantara look is much improved over the factory rubber pad.

One issue I do have is the placement of the magnet leaves a gap at the bottom of the pad. This is likely done to ensure larger phones are compatible however, although a minor nuisance, my OCD does not like it 🙂 I find I have to think about its placement when I put my phone down. That said, if you don’t connect to the magnets and rest the phone on the bottom lip of the pad, the phone still chargers so this really is a minor concern.

What do you think? Do you use the Jeda Wireless Pad or any other Jeda products? Is there another accessory I should review? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Avatar
    Jeda Customer
    October 14, 2022 at 2:12 pm

    I recently received my order. This is the second Jeda wireless charging pad that I’ve gotten. The first one that I got I had to send back as it rarely could continue a charge and frankly even with a replacement, it never consistently worked; constantly trying to find the “sweet spot” only to have a trickle of a charge come in.

    After a while I became resigned to it just not working and/or using a wired charger. Now with this “V4″… sadly, it’s much of the same. The magsafe connection is quite weak, hardly holding the phone and again, there is a “sweet spot” that doesn’t actually line up with the phone so nicely.

    Also, I find the cables and connectors to be quite cheap. The casing on the included USB C cable immediately slips off and I the micro USB connections don’t go in all of the way nor do they lock. Overall, very disappointing.

    The Jeda return and refund policy is pretty lame too. 20% “restocking fee” and you have to pay for your own return shipping.

    I’ve officially given up on Jeda and found this one that seems to work quite well.
    TAPTES Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger [2020 Version], Wireless Phone Charging Pad M3 Accessories Tesla Gift for iPhone 13/12Pro/12/Samsung Enabled Phones-Compatible All Tesla Model 3(Before Jun 2020)

    I hope this saves you all time and money.

    • Avatar
      Shaun Robertson
      October 18, 2022 at 6:03 pm

      Sorry to hear. I have not experienced this at all and, in fact, I prefer the Jeda pad over the offering that comes with the refreshed models like in my 2022 Model Y. Your comment is a bit suspect too with a name like Jeda customer so hopefully, this is just a competitor spreading false claims.

  • Avatar
    February 14, 2023 at 12:31 pm

    If in doubt, check the Tesla Motors Club forum. Most of the comments about Jeda are negative.

  • Avatar
    June 1, 2023 at 9:15 am

    DITO for me. Bought Taptes off Amazon ($31.00) dropped it in and put the phone on it and started charging instantly. Not sure of the charging rate but it works and for right now I’m happy. 2020MYP


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