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Jeda USB Hub Console Review and 3 Tesla USB Hub Alternatives

Are you searching for a Tesla USB hub solution to expand the ports in your Model 3 or Model Y centre console? Or maybe you want a Tesla AirPods charger or a Tesla Apple Watch charger? In theory, the Jeda USB Hub Console is the answer.

That said, before you rush to purchase this slick-looking Tesla Model Y USB hub, it’s crucial to address a significant pain point that some users have encountered – the issues of poor quality and bad customer service communication.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll take a closer look at the Jeda USB Hub Console and evaluate its performance, design, and overall value, while also shedding light on the challenges some customers have faced with respect to quality and customer service.

Is the Jeda USB Hub Console worth it? Let’s dive in.

NOTE: The Jeda USB Hub console is only compatible with post-2021 refresh Model 3 and Model Y’s. If you have an older model, consider the Jeda Hub and Jeda Tray for pre-refresh models.

Jeda Ordering Issues

I need to start here.

After nearly 6 months of delays, I finally received my Jeda USB Hub Console for my Tesla Model Y. During the wait, emails went unanswered and a request for a refund went nowhere. I was super excited to try out this unique Tesla USB hub which comes complete with a Tesla AirPods charger and a spot to charge your Apple Watch. Understandably, this review is not off to a good start.

Although frustrated by the length of time it took and the complete lack of communication, (more than that below) I can say without even getting into this Jeda USB Hub Console review that you shouldn’t bother. It is cheaply made, poorly designed, and the company is horrible to deal with.

Still, those interested in a full review, read on.

What is the Jeda USB Hub Console?

Jeda USB Hub Console unboxing

The Jeda USB Hub Console is advertised as several things;

  1. It is a Tesla USB hub, expanding the two USB-C ports in the centre console to two USB-C and two USB-A ports.
  2. It has a wireless charging pad to charge your earbuds. This was the main reason I personally bought this.
  3. It has a magnetic charger for an Apple Watch.
  4. It is a tray allowing you to organize your centre console better…allegedly.

Jeda USB Hub Console Specs

These specs are pulled from the manufacturer’s website. Please consult their product compatibility guide for compatibility between versions.

  • Compact dimensions make it stand at 6.5 inches in height, with a slender 0.2-inch width and a 5.9-inch length, all while maintaining a lightweight profile at just 4.37 ounces (124 grams).
  • Durable anodized aluminium construction.
  • Equipped with two USB-A ports at 5V/2A each and one USB-C port at 5V/2A, along with another USB-C port boasting a faster 5V/3A output.
  • Operates with a power source ranging from 2.5 to 15 watts.
  • Incorporates a built-in charging solution for smartwatches and earbuds.
  • Price: $119.00
  • Where to buy –

Jeda Hub USB Console Installation

A positive before diving into all the problems, installing the console is very easy. Simply align the tray with the male USB connectors facing towards you/the back of the car, and slide the tray in. Align with the female connectors and pull towards you to firmly connect.

Jeda USB Hub Console installation in center console of Tesla Model Y

To test the USB hub and AirPods charger, place your AirPods case on the pad and try charging your phone by connecting to the USB ports.

Jeda USB Hub Console Issues

I really enjoyed it as other Jeada Tesla products and installed the previous tray in my 2020 Tesla Model Y and loved it. This one, however, really is a letdown.

Cheaply Made

First off, this Tesla USB hub really lacks the quality of its previous products. Before even installing it I questioned its quality out of the box. The tray is very flimsy and poorly aligned with a sliding notch.

I confirmed this on Install that the tray function is pretty much useless.

Jeda USB Hub Console tray gap not closing

Also, a surprise find is that the Tesal Apple Watch charger connection is not strong enough to hold the watch in place! One bump and it falls off, disengaging and the charging. What a weird oversight for a product meant for a moving vehicle.

Unorganzied Organizer

Also peculiar, the placement of the tray doesn’t allow for a standard tray to be mounted on top. The 2020 model was placed at the bottom of the console and had clearance to put a standard organizer above it. Not only did this optimize storage space, but also helped conceal the Tesla Apple Watch charger.

This is doubly bad as mentioned, the tray part of the console is useless. It’s just one little flat pad where stuff can pile up. That pad also slides and allows for items to fall below. Again, head-scratching.

Also weird, they advertise the holder part in the centre of the Tesla Apple Watch charger to allow for pencils or pens. Smart, right?

Jeda USB Hub Console advertising with pen in holder that prevents the console lid from closing.

Well, no, you can’t close the lid with a regular-size pen in there. Why would they even include this in their advertising? On the positive, I could see using the spot to hold chapstick but very odd nonetheless.

Jeda USB Hub Console with Tesla Apple Watch charger and Tesla AirPods charger

Jeda Customer Service

Finally, and worst of all, Jeda’s customer service is nonexistent.

I placed my order in December 2022, and when nothing was received by January, I followed up. I was told February or March for delivery however, when April rolled around and still no delivery, I followed up again…and again…and again. No response.

What makes that even more infuriating is that I would constantly receive ads and promotional emails from them pushing the Jeda USB Hub Console.

Finally, in June, I placed another order to see what would happen. To my surprise, that order shipped immediately. I emailed them on that order asking them to cancel my initial order and refund my money which, of course, no reply.

I finally had to place a claim with my credit card company to get reimbursed. This is wild to me.

Jeda Affiliate Issues

This shouldn’t affect your buying decision but wanted to be transparent. I am an affiliate of Jeda and make a small commission off sales when people use my link. This was something I was happy to be a part of as I genuinely liked their other products.

Still, I went over two years without them paying out a backlog of sales I sent their way. Finally, the owner responded after several emails and paid a lump sum. Since then I have racked up more sales without payment and, of course, no replies to my emails.

My Experience with This Tesla Model Y USB Hub

Jeda USB Hub Console installed in a Tesla Model Y console

Although I was sceptical with my initial thoughts out of the box and was disappointed with the customer service, I was optimistic that this Tesla Model Y USB hub was going to add some functionality to my Tesla. Sadly, it didn’t take long into my 3-month EV road trip for my concerns to become reality.

The first time I used the Tesla Apple Watch charger on the Jeda USB Hub Console was while camping in Riding Mountain National Park. I woke up the next morning to find that my watch dislodged from the charger and was dead. The car wasn’t even moving and it fell off. This was even more frustrating as I was getting up and biking that day.

On the positive, the Tesla AirPods charger portion works OK and I was able to top up my earbuds on the go.

As for the organization of the tray, I ended up using the “pen” holder for chapstick and a small bottle of hand lotion and kept hand wipes on the tray portion. This worked well but the hidden area underneath is where stuff goes to die. It’s not convenient at all to remove the stuff from the tray to access what is below. Again, a bad design.

So, Is the Jeda USB Hub Console Worth it?

Based on my experience, it should come as no surprise that the Jeda USB Hub Console is not worth it in my opinion. It is poorly designed and can make your console area less practical. Add to that a Tesla Apple Watch charger that is useless and a company that is clearly poorly run and it should be obvious that you need to avoid this purchase.

Tesla USB Hub Alternatives

With that said, if you are only using it to charge your AirPods and are not concerned about the unorganized space, it may be worth it for you however, there are better and much more affordable options out there. Here are three Jeda alternatives to create a Tesla USB Hub, Tesla Apple Watch Charger, and Tesla AirPods Charger solution.

1) Tesla USB Hub

For those looking for USB expansion and easy access to the ports should check out this Tesla USB Hub. It seamlessly blends into the interior without impacting the storage area of the console. The best part, it’s just $27.

2) Tesla Apple Watch Charger

To address the Apple Watch Charging I suggest picking up this pack of USB adapters. With the USB hub in place, you can attach one of these magnetic Apple Watch chargers. The best part for me, with its location it makes for a great alarm clock when camping.

3) Tesla AirPods Charger

Finally, to address the AirPods charging portion pick up one of these simple Tesla AirPods holders. It sits in the wireless phone charging tray and lines up the AirPods case with the coils so it can charge. How simple is that?

What do you think? Do you use the Jeda USB Hub Console or any other Jeda products? Have you had good and bad service from them? Let me know in the comments below!

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