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Now for Some Tesla Love – 5 Great Things About the Model Y

Over the past few weeks, I noticed a negative trend with my blog posts. From my horrible Tesla delivery day experience to the deficiencies that came with it, my posts have been anything but positive. Even when I tried to make a little money with my Tesla Model Y, that turned out pretty shitty. When I set out to create this site, raging into the Internet was not my intention. With that in mind, let’s look on the bright side and show some Tesla love. Here are five great things about the Model Y.

Tesla’s Are Fun to Drive

First up on this list of things I love about my Tesla Model Y is the simple fact that it’s a blast to drive. So much so that I am constantly finding excuses to go for a spin. Weekend errands are no longer a chore and road trips are now about the journey and not the destination. Even though I had my share of issues picking up my Model Y, as soon as I left the lot and hit that accelerator for the first time, I was all smiles.

Goodbye Gas Stations

Next up on this post on showing some Tesla love is the fact that I never have to stop at a gas station ever again. Pumping gas and keeping tabs on the price of fuel seems so silly now. To be able to park at home and plug-in every night truly is a beautiful thing.

That said, I do miss gas stations for squeegees and dumping road trip garbage. The latter was recently rectified with a simple backseat garbage bag holder and has fixed my car from resembling my college beater.

Environmentally Friendly

As fun as Teslas are to drive, it does feel good to take an internal combustion engine vehicle off the road. This definitely was a factor for me when looking for a new vehicle. Although I was not sold on Tesla at first, I knew my next vehicle was going to be electric. Then I saw this video and I was convinced some Tesla love was the best thing I could do for the environment. ?

I want you to know from the bottom of my Tesla owning heart to you, if you don’t drive a Tesla then you’re selfish and clearly hate the environment.

TEsla owners, Everywhere

A Tesla Can Pay for Itself…Sort of.

Even though my first experience using Turo went about as bad as it possibly could, I did make money using it. I am hoping to continue renting out my Model Y down the line. Since I am constantly looking for excuses to drive, I am also thinking about signing up for Uber. With little to no vehicle maintenance and fuel (electricity) being cheap, the margins are much better than a typical ICE vehicle.

It Keeps Getting Better

Last up on this list of showing some Tesla love is the fact that, through over air updates, they keep getting better. In my few months of ownership, I have already received two updates that have made my Tesla Model Y more efficient and increased its range. Pair that with the updates coming for full self-driving and Teslas could very well be the first cars to actually appreciate in value.

What Do You Love About Your Tesla?

There you have it, five reasons I love my Tesla Model Y. Given my rocky start to ownership, this was a good exercise for me to show some Tesla love. After all, it certainly hasn’t been all grease-stained seats and poor communication. This is by far the coolest thing I have ever owned and is insanely fun to drive.

Did I miss anything on this Tesla love list? What do you love about your Tesla? Let me know in the comments below!

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