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I Saved $1,000 on My Model Y by Being Patient…and a Little Picky.

I was able to get $1,000 CAD off my Tesla Model Y order thanks to being both patient and picky. Depending on when you placed your order, you stand to save big. Here’s why.

Price Drop Shock

While running some errands on Saturday, I noticed the Tesla Facebook groups I follow starting to go off. I glanced at my phone and to my pleasant surprise, Telsa had dropped the price of the Model Y by a whopping $3,000 USD. This immediately made me think I was saving $4,000 – $5,000 CAD off my order. Suddenly my splurge on the induction wheels didn’t seem so bad.

When I got home I dug a little deeper into the story and found that the reduction is off the current price. Anyone that put their deposit down after March 2020 would see a full reduction of $6,000 CAD. Anyone who placed their order before that were not going to see big savings as they locked in at a lower price.

Savings May Vary

I placed my order in December 2019 and recall that the Model Y had gone up in price a couple of times since then. I quickly punched in my configuration as a new order and compared it to my original. The result was a difference of $1,010. It’s not $6,000 but I’ll take it!

Now, how do I translate that into actual savings?

How to Get Your Model Y Price Adjusted

Depending on where you Model Y order is at in the process, getting your price adjustment may be tricky.

Scenario 1: Order Placed, But No VIN

If you have not received a VIN for your Model Y order, contact your sales associate and ask for a price adjustment. This was not an issue for me. I just had to confirm by email that I wanted the new price.

Scenario 2: Order Placed and VIN Assigned

If you have a VIN but have not yet taken possession, contact your associate and see what they can do. Some reports are saying that a new order will have to be placed as the price adjustment can not be done after VIN assignment.

In my case, I have passed on two VIN’s already so assume you can do the same if they won’t give you the reduction on your assigned car.

Scenario 3: Model Y Delivered

If you recently picked up your Model Y and are within the 7-day return window, you will most likely have to return and place a new order. This seems crazy but I have read that once sold, Tesla is not adjusting the price. Depending on the price difference, a return and reorder may be worth it. Be sure to note the return conditions.

It Pays to Be Patient

If you have taken possession and are out of the return window, you might be out of luck. It’s a kick in the wallet for sure and not a great feeling for those looking to support Tesla out of the gate. That said, if you put your deposit down before March 2020, you are not out that much. You did, however, have to put up with the many factory defects that have plagued Tesla’s first round of vehicles. This was partly why I wanted to wait before I took possession.

Also, as noted in my Tesla order experience post, my first vehicle was shipped to Quebec without any sort of heads up. I am, to Tesla’s credit, being a touch difficult in my request. I am trying to pick up my Model Y out of province and drive home. I am finding that this pickiness has added some complexity the average Tesla associate does not want to deal with. That said, had I taken possession I would be out over $1,000 CAD.

Spotted in the Wild

Ironically, the Model Y price drop news came in between seeing two Model Y’s in the wild for the very first time. This made me a touch sad to have to wait a little longer…but not $1,000 sad.

What say you? Have you been able to collect on your Model Y price difference? Were you an early adopter who is out some cash? Let me know in the comments below!

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