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My Top 24 Must-Have Tesla Model Y Accessories So Far [2023]

Like any other big purchase, after picking up my Tesla my attention quickly turned to what Model Y accessories to buy. Thankfully there are plenty of great ways to improve your ride, many of which are very affordable additions.

From protecting this expensive asset to flat-out vanity, here are my picks for the best Tesla Model Y accessories so far.

Tesla Model Y Must Have Accessories 2023

This list was originally curated for my 2020 Tesla Model Y. Since then, I have purchased a 2022 Tesla Model Y with a refreshed interior and I have tested out a ton of great accessories. As such, I have updated this list of the best Tesla Model Y accessories and will continue to do so as I try out more products. Bookmark this post and check back soon as I have plenty of Model Y accessories on order!

I have categorized this list to help you narrow down the best Model Y accessories and tagged which ones are “must have” and which are “nice to have.” Lastly, I have added a collection of inserting electronic accessories I have tried out and recommend. Enjoy and happy shopping!

Tesla Model Y Must Have Accessories

Here are the top Tesla Model Y accessories that I consider must-haves. These are mostly to ensure your vehicle is protected but also include some inexpensive upgrades that make the car that much more enjoyable.

1) All-Weather Floor Mats

Even though the Model Y is a high-end vehicle, its factory floor mats are not. So, one of the first Model Y accessories I purchased was Tesmanian floor mats.

I went with the full package to protect the front driver and passenger seats as well as the back passengers. This also comes with trunk, frunk, and under-trunk storage area mats. The fit is perfect and so very necessary, especially if you live in a wet climate as I do.

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With my 2022 Tesla Model Y, I decided to try out Tuxmat Floor Mats. They offer a more premium finish and have high wall coverage. Depending on where you live, this may be overkill but definitely worth it for those in colder climates with slush and snow.

For more details, check out my full review of all the Tesla Model Y floor mats I have tried out so far!

Tesla Model Y Performance Pedals

With my clean Tesmanian mats installed, I found my stock pedals really stuck out, but not in a good way. To fix this, I purchased these Silver Performance Pedal Covers. This is an easy way to add a bit of flair. They look so much better than the stock pedals in my opinion.

My Top 10 Must Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

For my 2022 Tesla Model Y I opted to get black pedal covers as they fit the overall look of the car better.

Tesla Model Y Center Console Wrap

If you bought a Tesla Model 3 prior to 2021 you’ll be subject to the piano black finish on the console. Despite its classy look, it’s a fingerprint magnet. Tesla acknowledges this and went with matt black finish on its newer models. Those that have the piano black, however, can cover it up with a vinyl wrap.

My Top 10 Must Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

I went with an ABS cover as it is so much easier to install. No fussing with water or removal of air bubbles. Just line it up and slap it on. Goodbye, fingerprints.

For my 2022 Tesla Model Y with the refreshed interior, the fingerprint magnet cover is thankfully gone. Although covering up the console is no longer a must-do, the grey, in my opinion, is not very attractive. As such, I covered mine up with an Alcantara finish to match the rest of the interior.

This was temporary as I replaced both the console and the dash trim with a real wood finish. See below for my nice-to-have Hills wood trim cover.

Tesla Screen Protector

My Top 10 Must Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

Speaking of fingerprints on the piano black finish, the next Model Y accessory I bought was a screen protector from Elon Accessories. On top of reducing fingerprint smudges, the matte finish reduces glare. As the name suggests. it also protects the screen from potential scratches and damage.

For my 2022 Tesla Model Y I decided to try out a few different screen protector options to compare which are the best. In the end, I came back to the Elon Accessories cover as my top pick and confirmed it is indeed one of the best Telsa Model Y must have accessories.

Removeable Licence Plate Holder

My Top 10 Must Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

Having a removable licence plate holder is a must-have Model Y accessory for me. Since I take plenty of pictures of my ride, being able to remove the licence plate makes for a cleaner look. The Quick Bandit offers a solution for easily removing your license plate in seconds. This also avoids any unnecessary glue residue from the factory plate holder or worse, screwing into your bumper to attach your front license plate.

With my 2022 Model Y, I decided to compare the best Tesla removable licence plate holders and have since gone with the SnapPlate for both my vehicles.

Garbage Bag Holder

After just a few days of ownership, I realized I missed gas stations, just not for the gas. After road-tripping around Quebec, I was starting to pile up garbage and toss it in the back seat. My shiny new Model Y quickly started to feel like my college beater.

Now on road trips, this would all be disposed of while filling up at gas stations. With an EV, this becomes an interesting problem.

To remedy this on future trips, I found this great backseat garbage bag holder.

My Top 10 Must Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

This attaches to the backseat pocket and features magnetic clips and automatic light. On top of using it for road trips, this Model Y accessory is good for those looking to make money renting their Tesla out on Turo or using it to drive for Lyft or Uber.

Note: This item has a big “3” on it as it is intended for the Tesla Model 3. I was able to take it apart and reverse it so the 3 is facing the back. There’s now a Model Y version.

Door Lock Covers

My Top 10 Must Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

These Model Y accessories are odd but effective. With the Model Y came the chrome delete that many Model 3 owners went out of their way to do. One spot Tesla neglected is the door hinges and hardware. The silver really sticks out and these cover them up. This kit comes with covers for all four doors and two latches.

My Top 10 Must Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

Hidden Storage

My Top 10 Must Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

Another cheap but effective accessory is this easy addition for hidden storage. It installs in the centre console and provides a hidden compartment for things like spare keys, cards, and a convenient spot to hide your Quick Bandit removable licence plate key.

For my 2022 Tesla Model Y, I went with Spigen’s offering. Be sure to check that the storage you go with fits your version of the interior.

Trunk Cargo Hatch Handle

The Tesla Model Y has a ton of storage. That said, not all of it is easily accessible. This is certainly the case for the smaller trunk storage area. Although the deeper well has a handle to easily lift the lid, the second piece does not.

Adding this inexpensive handle is a must if you access this area as frequently as I do.

Nice-to-Have Interior Tesla Model Y Accessories

Now that you have your Tesla Model Y must have accessories, let’s splurge on some of the extras.

Gemini Wheel Covers

This next Model Y accessory is for those who went with the stock wheels and don’t love the look.

As mentioned in my post on which Tesla Model Y wheels to choose, I have since come around to the cheaper Gemini option. I found they gave my 2022 Tesla Model Y a far superior ride quality than my 2020 which has the larger induction wheels.

That said, the Gemini wheels are ugly. Thankfully, there is an inexpensive fix for that.

Thanks to Tesloid’s Wheel Covers, you can swap out the ugly grey Gemini covers with ones that fit the matte black finish of the Model Y. I also recommend picking up a storage bag if you decide to keep both sets of covers – I use one in winter and one in summer.

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Those looking for a more unique look should check out Rimetrix’s offerings.

Steering Wheel Tray

Another Elon Accessories purchase I made was a steering wheel tray. Although it’s just a ridiculous piece of plastic, it’s actually incredibly functional.

While waiting to charge I am able to attach it and work on my laptop comfortably. To make it even easier to use, I set up an “Office” profile to ensure the seat is set up for better economics.

My Top 10 Must Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

I intend to get plenty of use out of this when I “Workation” my way across the country in the future. Stay tuned!

Model Y Accessories – Upgraded Electronics

The following Tesla Model Y accessories are nice-to-haves that improve the electronics of the car. This includes some interesting add-ons that make for a more enjoyable experience.

Jeda Hub and Tray

As mentioned in my post on Tesla issues and the accessories that fix them, the standard offering of USB ports is limited. That’s where Jeda Hub comes in. Not only does it expand your front console ports from two to five, but it also includes a concealed area for your sentry mode drives with a bonus USB port!

If you have a refreshed Telsa Model Y then check out Jeda’s tray/hub combo. This Model Y accessory comes with an Apple Watch charger and USB expansion. Note though, product delivery takes time. I am still waiting on my tray to review.

Screen Swivel

Although not an electronic component in itself, this adaptor makes the main computer of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y that much more accessible.

This easy-to-install screen swivel from Tesloid allows you to adjust the screen for better viewing. This is especially useful when charging and watching a show or while camping.

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S3XY Buttons

Tesla has perfected the minimalistic approach to cars with the Model 3 and Model Y. That said, sometimes a guy wants to push buttons. Having to scroll through menus on the screen can be frustrating and, at times, dangerous. If only there was a better way…

Enter S3XY Buttons, a module installation that allows you to program common car functions to programmable buttons which you can place anywhere in the vehicle. The functionality is vast but for me, I installed the buttons specifically to fold my mirrors and control seat and steering wheel functions.

On my 20,000 km coast-to-coast road trip I took these buttons a step further. I set one up as an Autopilot acknowledgement which made the trip so much more comfortable.

Check out my full review of the Tesla S3XY Buttons and get 10% off your button order through Abstract Ocean.

Sentry Mode Drive

The first of the Model Y accessories I purchased for my 2020 was an SSD hard drive as the car did not come with storage. This is essential if you want to save any dashcam or Sentry Mode footage. I use the Samsung T7 500 GB drive to store my Lightroom catalogue and love it for its durability and compact size. I ended up upgrading that to 1TB and using my old Samsung T5 500 GB drive for Sentry Mode.

After posting this list of Model Y accessories I was turned on to the fact that SSD drives do not have a great lifespan for this type of use. The cameras are constantly recording and thus writing to the drive a lot. The Samsung SSD is only rated to 150 TBW (terabytes written) whereas high-endurance micro-SD cards, like the Samsung PRO Endurance card, are around 5,000 TBW. This means you will get a lot more life out of using a high or pro-endurance micro-SD. On top of that, they are smaller and use less power.

Both can be used but I will certainly be swapping out my used SSD drive for the micro-SD and card reader combo below:

Since then, Tesla now included their own storage device with each car. That said, if you are looking for larger storage than what Tesla provides, the above is still valid.

CCS Adaptor

When Tesla opened up their vehicles to CCS charging, they were slow to offer the actual OEM adaptor in North America. As such, I purchased mine with a workaround through Tesla in South Korea.

Tesla CCS adaptor sitting on a blue and white striped rug

Today, not only can you buy a CCS directly from Tesla but you can also find them from several third-party companies as well. The advantage of the latter is the price.

Lectron offers a CCS adaptor that is identical to Tesla for almost $100 USD less.

Now, do you need a CCS adaptor? That depends really on where you live and where you travel.

For me, I have gone off the Supercharger network multiple times so having a CCS gives me piece of mind and opens up more roads. Even if I’m on a road trip with Supercharger access, I might want to be efficient and top up at a third-party charger that is next to a restaurant or local attraction I want to check out. I like to have options and this adaptor provides just that.

If you do pick up a CCS adaptor I also recommend picking up a case to store it in. This Tesla CCS adaptor case one is great as it also has a cutout for your J1772 adaptor as well.

Cell Phone Holder

For me, with the refreshed console came the need for a cell phone holder. In the old console, I could glance down at my phone but now I find that the corner of the screen blocks this a bit. As such, I purchased a very basic magnetic cell phone holder that attaches to the back of the screen. The best feature is it can hide out of view when not in use.

Air Freshener

Just because you are driving an EV doesn’t mean that new car smell will last forever. In fact, as I found changing my air filter, Tesla can get pretty dank pretty quickly. That’s where these awesome Tesla air fresheners come in.

Modern, clean, and best of all, great smelling, these Daily Lab diffusers will keep your car fresh and stylish for years to come.

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Model Y Accessories for Safety & Protection

As highlighted in my post on Tesla issues and the affordable accessories that fix them, there are a few Model Y accessories that improve safety that should be on this list.

Rim Protectors

Looking to prevent curb rash, something I never experienced before driving a Tesla, I installed these AlloyGator Rim Protectors.

For those that say drive better, living in a city and having rims that stick out past the rim, this is inevitable!

Lifting Jack Pad

Now, this next item isn’t necessarily an issue with Tesla vehicles, it’s just something that would be good for them to include. Since the entire underside of the car is one large battery pack, using a traditional jack can damage it. This doesn’t mean you can not lift the car to replace a tire, it just means you need a special pad to do it safely. Thankfully, these are readily available online.

Although you get away with buying just one pad, this set of four if affordable and comes in a carry case.

Rear Hatch Trim Protection

If you are constantly moving items in and out of your Model Y’s trunk, you are going to ding up the interior over time. This easy-to-install guard ensures your trim stays factory-fresh.

Rear Seat Back Covers

If you want to take your protection a step further, paired with a trunk liner, these Model Y rear seat covers have you protected top-to-bottom.

Tire Pump and Patch Kit

Since Teslas do not come with a spare tire, it is a good idea to carry a tire pump and patch kit. This one is affordable and does the job nicely! It is also compact and stows nicely in the sub-trunk.

Paint Protection Film

As noted in my post on Tesla issues and the accessories that fix them, the paint on Teslas is notoriously bad. I learned this the hard way and had to repair and paint the areas directly in front of the rear wheels.

Since then, Tesla has improved their paint quality and even included PPF in these areas for people taking delivery in certain areas. That said, I still think PPF is more than worthwhile to protect other areas or the whole car, especially if you are installing Xpel stealth which also changes the look!

Door Decals

Another simple fix to a common Tesla Model 3 and Model Y issue is adding decals to the door buttons. Why is this an issue? Besides helping out confused passengers who are not familiar with how to open the doors from the inside, this will help prevent people from pulling the manual override lever which can actually damage your door over time.

Tesla even acknowledges this issue and has added decals to its newer versions of the Model 3 and Model Y. For those with older models (like me), adding these simple decals can help. Even more important is if you use your Tesla for car sharing!

NOTE: These Model Y accessories are not required if you have a refreshed interior as they include decals now.

What Model Y Accessories Am I Missing??

There you have it, my favourite Model Y accessories to date. From custom-fit floor mats to vanity pedals, these are easy things you can do to spiff up your brand-new Tesla Model Y.

Am I missing any Model Y accessories? I intend to follow up with another batch of accessories so let me know in the comments below but I need to buy next!

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*As of May 2023 Tesla has updated their referral program to a points system. 1,500 credits = 500 mi/KM. Points can be redeemed for car accessories and Tesla swag as well.


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