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My Model Y Order

Thinking about putting down a Model Y order and wondering which features to go for? Here is my take along with what I ended up ordering and why.

Model Y Order – AWD or Performance?

Similar to the roll-out of the Model 3, Tesla is pushing out its most expensive versions of the Model Y first. This means the first deliver consist of the Performance Model and the long-range Dual Motor AWD. The cheaper single motor rear-wheel drive is not expected to roll out until 2021. So, if you are looking to place a Mode Y order now, which do you go with? Performace or Long Range AWD?

Aside from the $8,000 CAD price difference, the specs between the two are not far off. The Performance model is AWD however it comes with performance 21″ wheels. The wider wheels do reduces its range slightly so keep this in mind if worried about distance. It also includes sexy red calliper breaks and a spoiler. On top of that, it’s tweaked to provide ridiculous performance…though not so ridiculous given its name.


Inside, both versions are exactly the same. I would expect a trim difference between the two given the price difference however, to save on production costs the Model 3 and Model Y share ~76% of the same parts. Sharing the same interior is no surprise here.

What Did I Order?

Although I could have gotten away with the rear-wheel-drive model (and the lower sticker price), living in Canada, AWD is not a bad thing. On top of that, because my intention is to road trip with the Model Y, the added range is a must. 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds with the Performance model, not so much.

Couple all that with the need for a vehicle sooner than later, I opted for the Long Range All-Wheel Drive.


Back in November when I put down my $3,200 CAD deposit to hold my spot in line, I went with the basics minus selecting the Midnight Silver Metallic Paint. This was mainly due to cost savings. I also had no intention of paying more ($1,300 CAD!) for the white interior, especially after reading that they don’t hold up to blue jeans. The standard black interior is more applying to me, especially the wood grain dash.

As mentioned, I did go with the paint selection, a $2,000 increase over the base Pearl White. Although white used to be a paid colour choice, it has since become its default. This was probably done for cost measures although there are plenty of reports of the white being different colours on the vehicles metal and plastic parts. Besides not liking white cars in general, this was enough for me to pay the extra money for a colour I like.

Model Y order

A couple of months after I placed my order, Tesla shocked everyone by announcing their deliveries were WAY ahead of schedule. On top of that, they had also made some changes to the wheel offerings. The 20″ black Induction Wheels seemed to be delivered first and looked so good along with the chrome-delete. Take my money Elon!

This is not the smartest upgrade though. For the same price ($2,000), you could get a great second set of wheels aftermarket. Also, the base wheels are 19″ and get slightly better range. I still may go this route, especially now that delivery dates are shot thanks to the pandemic.

Should You Get Full Self Driving?

Initially, I had Full Self-Driving on my order only to lock in the price. Tesla, after all, is known to talk up its capabilities and raise its price.

Since my change of heart on the wheels, I ended up removing FSD as a compromise. For me, the capabilities just aren’t there yet to make it worth the extra $9K soon to be $10K. That’s not to say it won’t be worthwhile someday. If FSD indeed hits the potential that Tesla is touting ( can robo-taxi your car when you are not using it) then $9K is a helluva deal. Till then, I can’t stomach the extra money.

Also, if an update is released and FSD is as good as it is supposed to be, paying for it after purchase means you can use a credit card and earn a whack of points on the purchase.

Model Y Order – Cost

Model Y Order

So, extras added, all in what did my Model Y order cost me? In short, a lot.

The base price for the Model Y is $55,700 CAD. Not terrible for a luxury car. Tack in the extra $15,300 for Long Range AWD and it’s up there. Another $1,300 for paint, $2,600 for wheels, and $1,280 for delivery (more on that later) and this affordable car is now over $75K. Tack on taxes and I am looking at a final sticker price of $84,522.


On the positive, this vehicle is going to be with me for awhile. Also, I have a few plans in place for it to actually help pay for itself. Stay tuned!

Are You Placing a Model Y Order??

I am super curious to see how others are proceeding with their Model Y orders. The pandemic has taken its toll on many and right now certainly isn’t the best time to splurge for most. Let me know in the comments below if you are proceeding with your order or not!

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