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Tesla Has a Supercharger Garbage Problem. This Tesla Trash Can Help.

Superchargers are not gas stations, yet owners are leaving garbage behind. Install a Tesla trash can and don’t be part of the problem.

On my cross-country trip, I noticed an unpleasant theme at Supercharger stations. Garbage, and lots of it. Everything from empty soda cans to McDonald’s wrappers and bags. All left in piles next to the chargers as if owners expect someone to clean up after them. Turns out, this is a bit of a problem.

Superchargers Are Not Gas Stations

Tesla superchargers are fast and convenient. There is no manual transaction to start the “pump.” You literally pull up, connect, and drive away when you’re done. Payment is automatically done through your credit card tied to your account. This means there is no attendant on hand to collect payment, wash windows, or do any other task a traditional gas station attendant does. Tesla owners know this. So why in the bloody hell would anyone think that there is someone there to clean up after you? This makes no sense and frustrates me to no end.

Online theory

Like anything Tesla related, this topic is a contentious one online.

Some complain Tesla should provide garbage cans. This, of course, would mean someone would need to empty said garbage cans. I think most owners don’t want higher fees to charge so hiring someone to clean up after them makes little sense.

What Tesla does do is, typically, install its chargers next to the amenities required on road trips. You’d be hard-pressed to find a charger that is not within a short stroll of a coffee shop, restaurant, or even a gas station, all of which have, you guessed it, garbage cans.


Another common complaint or theory is that this garbage is not left by Tesla owners, rather ICE owners. To this I say, really??

The theory is that regular vehicle owners are going out of their way to dispose of trash at Tesla chargers…out of spite or jealousy.

Although there are real cases of vehicles coal rolling EV‘s or parking in charger spots (intentional or not), there’s no way people are going out of their way to do this, at least at this scale.

Personally, I have pulled into chargers in remote areas where groups of locals were meeting for a coffee and parked in the charger stalls. This was 100% space of convenience and not done out of spite or being malicious. They also cleaned up after themselves and moved out of the way.

Simple Problem, Simple Solution

No, the true answer is people, not just Tesla owners, can be lazy and inconsiderate or just plain ignorant.

To that I say, pick up after yourself. There is no one to clean up after you and there is a garbage can steps away. You are not the only one using the charger.

Now there have been some Tesla trash cans added and maintained by hotels and restaurants that have chargers on their lots, but this is not the norm. Thankfully, there is an easy soloution.

To make this easier there is an incredibly simple garbage bag solution. You can get this bag with a 3 or a Y logo (I ordered a 3 before the Y was available and flipped it backwards to make it all black) and comes with a roll of garbage bags. It is black and blends in with the back seat so you hardly know it is there. It also includes am automatic light that comes on when opened.

For smaller garbage, there are these nifty tiny garbage cans that fit into your side door water bottle holder.

On road trips, I toss my garbage in this Tesla trash can and, when charging or at my destination, I empty the bag and change it out. Simple.

Do Better

Next time you think about leaving your garbage behind at a Supercharger, please think of others. Better yet, use this discreet and simple garbage bag and/or Tesla trash can solution. Tesla isn’t going to clean up after you so best to be proactive.

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