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Saying Hi to the Model Y

A Vancouver Tesla showroom finally received a Model Y for public consumption. With years of anticipation and a deposit down for my very own Tesla Model Y, I decided to head there and check it out.

Vancouver Tesla – No Appointment Required

After calling the Vancouver Tesla showroom on West 4th Av to see if there was any pandemic related restrictions, I oddly received an email confirming a test drive in a Model 3. I had asked if the Model Y was available for a test drive and told no. I then asked if an appointment was required to see the Model Y given the current situation and was told yes. You can imagine the confusion on both mine and the Tesla employee’s face when I said I was here for my one o’clock viewing of the Model Y. ?‍♂️

So no appointment required for those that are interested in checking out the Model Y at the Vancouver Tesla showroom.

Model Y First Impressions

As if stepping into a crime scene, the Model Y is disappointingly tucked behind yellow tape. This is understandable given the pandemic although I think that employees could wipe down the vehicle after each visit. Maybe an appointment for viewing isn’t so crazy after all. ?

The Model Y at the Vancouver Tesla showroom on 4th ave is a Pearl White Multi-Coat dual motor model. It features the upgraded black Induction Wheels which look super slick with the chrome delete that comes standard on Model Y’s. I recently upgraded to the Induction Wheels on my own order so was happy to see them in person. Can confirm, they are sexy.

Model 3, Only BIGGER

Despite the vast similarities between the Model 3 and the Model Y, I was still super excited to finally see the Y in person. Given that every 5th vehicle in Vancouver seems to be a Model 3, I was surprised that I was still looking forward to this.

That said, it really does look like a slightly bigger and slightly taller Model 3. Still, in person, the extra space really does seem extra. I have been on the fence for a long time about the Model Y as I worried it would be too much of a drop in size in comparison to the Jeep Grand Cherokee I currently drive. After this visit, I think there is more than enough space in the back of the Model Y. Thanks to no drivetrain and combustion engine, the under compartments in the back and the “frunk” now just seem like bonus space.

The Ugly Bits

That said, this Tesla Model Y is not without its faults. A closer look revealed some questionable finishing. There are visible gaps between panels that are not uniform from one side to the other. There’s also rough finishing with paint bubbles visible between these gaps. This is especially surprising given this Model Y is for display purposes at a Vancouver Tesla showroom. With the number of eyes on it, you would think the display model would receive extra attention. Then again, maybe it did.

Reports from early adopters are not great when it comes to Tesla’s quality control on the Model Y. This has been well documented with many owners already reporting issues ranging from the minor (panel gaps and paint issues) to surprisingly bad (broken seats and seat belts). Things are so bad that many customers are refusing deliveries and even cancelling orders.

On the positive, Tesla is well aware of the issues. An internal letter was leaked with Elon himself saying that addressing the issues is a top priority. The excuse is that the ramp-up after the factory shut down created a drop in quality. So, on the positive, since I won’t be taking delivery until the fall now I should be on the receiving end of the Model Y’s with extra attention to detail. Fingers crossed.

Have You Ordered a Model Y??

As I left the Vancouver Tesla showroom I realized how odd it would have been to purchase such an expensive vehicle, sight unseen. Tesla is not your standard car dealership and makes for an interesting transaction. That said, I did buy my last vehicle on EBay so I guess this is nothing new to me.

What say you? Did you put a deposit down on a Model Y? Are you worried about the laundry list of issues? Or has the pandemic shifted your priorities? Let me know if the comments below! If you are thinking about a Model Y, use my referral code and get 1,500 Super Charger kilometres!

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