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Tesla S3XY Buttons Review – Are They Worth It?

Can Enhance Auto’s S3XY Buttons unlock the full potential of your Tesla? Let’s find out.

When I first got my Tesla Model Y, I was worried that its minimalistic approach would take a bit to get used to. Gone are the traditional buttons used to control climate, media, and even the glovebox. Instead, you use a large touchscreen to control the features and settings of the vehicle. It really is a shift from the “normal.”

That said, I was surprised at how quickly I got used to this setup. So much so that I look at other vehicles and wonder why there are so many buttons. Still, with UI updates and buried functions, I wish Tesla included a few buttons to quickly access common items. That’s where Enhace Auto’s S3XY Buttons come in.

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What are Tesla S3XY Buttons?

Turn’s out I’m not alone in my desire to have quick access to basic functions. Enhance Auto recognized this need and came up with a sexy solution.

Hand holding a box of 6 Tesla S3XY Buttons

Tesla S3XY Buttons (or Sexy Buttons) allow Tesla owners to add up to eight buttons to access their vehicle’s controls and systems. Lifting the name from the Tesla lineup, these sexy buttons are labelled with S-3-X-Y sexy buttons and can be programmed to perform a wide variety of tasks. Best of all, they are wireless so they can be stuck anywhere you like around the cabin.

A hand holding a single Tesla S3XY Button with an "S" on it

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What Functions Can Tesla S3XY Buttons Perform?

The Tesla S3XY buttons can perform a variety of functions including opening/closing doors, trunks and frunks, controlling lights, adjusting regen settings, activating autopilot features, and more.

Enhance Auto is constantly improving and adding features to its platform. As of posting this, here is the complete list of button functions:

  1. Open doors, glovebox, trunk, frunk, and charge port
  2. Control lights
  3. Activate autopilot features
  4. Honk the horn in a variety of ways
  5. Activate windshield wipers
  6. Open the charging port
  7. Toggle acceleration modes
  8. Adjust regen braking
  9. Control media
  10. Control mirrors
  11. Control heated seats and steering wheel
  12. Change stopping mode
  13. Change traction control settings
  14. Adjust lock settings
  15. Flash hazards in a variety of ways
  16. Turn on the parking brake
  17. Enable track mode

Why Do You Need S3XY Buttons in Your Tesla?

Now having these sexy buttons installed in your Tesla certainly isn’t for everyone. If you have no issues navigating the everchanging user interface to find buttons and system settings then bravo to you. I struggle with this and, at times, question the safety of digging around the menus while driving.

My main concern, though, was more of an annoyance.

The parking stall at my condo building is next to a cement post so I need to fold and unfold my mirrors every day. For whatever reason, I struggle every time I take my eyes off the rearview and click through the screen to fold them. I would use the voice command feature however reception is spotty in my underground. When it does work it often hears “fold mirrors” as “old mirrors” and does nothing.

As such, these Tesla sexy buttons were the perfect solution.

What’s Included

Much like Enhance Auto’s website, the packaging of the S3XY Buttons I got was very modern, clean, and sexy.

a open box of 6 Tesla S3XY Buttons

My order came with six black buttons, a commander module, a wiring harness, a trim pry bar, button stickers, and installation instructions.

For those that have white interiors or just want a different look, the buttons also come with white trim pieces.

S3XY Buttons Installation

Installing S3XY Buttons in your Tesla is very easy and can be broken down into two steps; Installing the commander module and configuring the buttons.

The whole process should take you less than 10 minutes.

1) Installing the Commander Module

Before installing the Commander module, turn off the car’s power by selecting Safety and then “Power Off” at the bottom of the Tesla center console screen.

Next, move the driver seat forward to give yourself room to operate.

Installing the Commander unit requires you to insert an adaptor inside the backend of the centre console. To access, use the supplied prybar. Insert at the top then pull back to release the clips.

S3XY Buttons Commander module installed in Tesla Model Y

Finally, unclip the blue connecter and place the supplied cable inline. The Commander module should light up.

Once done, tuck away the cables and reinstall the faceplate. Be sure to keep the pigtail accessible. Connect the Commander and tuck out of sight.

2) Configuring the S3XY Buttons

To set up your sexy buttons you will need to download the S3XY Buttons app. From there, select one of the blank buttons on your phone. To pair a button, click and hold down until prompted that it has been paired.

Next, you can scroll through the menu of control options. Interestingly, each button can be used for two functions, the first through a single press and the second through a double press or long press. I selected tilt mirrors for the single press and fold for a double press.

Repeat these steps for all your buttons and you are good to go!

Note: Your phone and the S3XY Buttons App are only required for configuration. Your phone or App is not required to operate the sexy buttons in your Tesla once set up.

Where to Stick Your S3XY Buttons in Your Tesla

a hand holding up a single S3XY Button with a side mirror sticker attached to it

Each button has a sticker backing which allows you to place them anywhere you like. I do like the minimalistic and clean look of the cabin so I chose to stick two out of sight on the backside of the steering wheel.

4 S3XY Buttons attached to the lid of a Tesla Model Y center console

For the remaining four I found a great spot underneath the center console lid. This is discrete and practical as they are easy to press while on the go.

Those that want to show off these Tesla sexy buttons can attach them below the wireless phone charger, on the doors, or on the front of the steering wheel. A super practical and functional location is on the glove box.

S3XY Buttons Installation Video

Enhance Auto provides a short video that does a great job showing just how easy it is to install and configure the buttons and module.

Tesla Sexy Buttons, Tesla Sexy Features

With the functionality Tesla S3XY Buttons add, Enhance Auto has a great product on their hand. Still, they took things several steps further.

Through the Commander module, the App gives you access to some pretty cool extras. This includes the ability to have your doors auto open when in proximity as well as programming the door handles to open the frunk and charge port.

The latter two are very practical features as you no longer have to pull out your phone or go into the car to perform these functions. I’m sure everyone can appreciate that!

On top of that, you can also use the App to scan your Tesla to obtain driving statistics and check out your battery health. I haven’t given this a go yet but looks promising and will check it out.

Lastly, the App also performs as a dash cluster, displaying current speed, kW usage, regen settings, and driving mode. This is a great addition for those missing a traditional dash and works especially well with this great Tesla dashboard cell phone holder.

Where to Buy Tesla S3XY Buttons

You can pick up packages of 2, 4, or 6 buttons with a Commander unit directly from Enhance Auto’s website as well as purchase add-on buttons and if you use my referral link will get 10% off your order!

You can also purchase through Abstract Ocean which is the North American distributor. Note, as of posting this, the stock is currently limited on their website.

My S3XY Buttons Review So Far

The Good

I am pretty happy with these sexy buttons in my Tesla. Although I was only looking to easily control my mirrors (which is awesome), I quickly found practical functions for my remaining set. Here is how I set up my buttons;

  1. Tilt mirrors (SP), Fold mirrors (DP)
  2. Single wiper (SP), Washer fluid and wipe (DP)
  3. Open Frunk (SP), Open Trunk (DP)
  4. Open Charge Port (SP), Open left side rear passenger door (DP)
  5. Open Glovebox (SP), Open front passenger door (DP)
  6. Toggle Rear climate control (SP), Open right side rear passenger door (DP)

I configured these in a logical matter with how they are placed in my car and quickly got used to which button does what. This particularly came in handy when my inlaws showed up. They have a hard time remembering how to open the doors. Now, I do it for them. This would also be very practical for Uber drivers.

Another huge plus is the ability to open the frunk and charge port with the door handles, especially when my hands are full.

The Not so Good

That said, they certainly aren’t perfect. My biggest gripe so far is the adhesive is not as strong as it could be. Two buttons keep falling off from the super secret location I found to keep them out of sight. This has resulted in my pairing down the buttons which isn’t a bad thing as I was reaching to find use for that many anyways.

Why the reach? Some functions like heated seats and steering wheels do not toggle the corresponding function on the display. This is not a showstopper by any means and the S3XY buttons perform the tasks they are programmed to do however my OCD can’t get past it. As such, I don’t use the steering wheel heat function which is too bad.

Also, in a recent update, Tesla has added the ability to customize the left scroll wheel so I set this to heat the steering wheel. This update only gives you access to one option and they are limited so the sexy buttons are still a great add.

Now, that all said, Enhance Auto does frequently push updates to the S3XY Buttons app and module so these annoyances can certainly be fixed in the future. And just like Teslas, new software features are added as well.

So, Are Tesla S3XY Buttons Worth it?

A hand holding a single Tesla S3XY Button with an "S" on it

If you miss the buttons and dials traditionally found in vehicles, Enhance Auto’s S3XY Buttons are a great way to bring them back to your Tesla.

For me, these sexy buttons are worth it just for the ability to fold the mirrors with a click of a button. The added feature to use the door handles to open the frunk and charge port is a surprising bonus and makes the product an easy addition. As such, they are one of my favourite Tesla accessories I have installed to date.

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Do Teslas have any buttons?

Yes, Teslas have buttons and controls for various functions, including opening and closing doors, and windows, adjusting the mirrors, and activating hazard lights. However, the majority of Tesla’s controls are centralized in a large touchscreen display located on the dashboard, which is used to control the car’s various features and settings.

What is the meaning of S3XY Tesla?

“S3XY” is a playful acronym used to refer to a lineup of Tesla electric cars: Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. The acronym was coined by Tesla CEO Elon Musk as a clever marketing tactic to draw attention to the company’s cars and create a memorable brand image. The S3XY Tesla lineup includes four distinct models with unique features and capabilities, ranging from the luxurious and high-performance Model S to the affordable and practical Model 3.

Are S3XY Buttons wired or wireless?

S3XY Buttons are wireless however they require the installation of a Commander unit to communicate between the vehicle system and the App on your phone.

How long does it take to install S3XY Buttons?

Installation takes 10-15 minutes. This includes removing the rear console’s cover and connecting the Commander unit, putting the cover back on, and configuring the buttons through the App.

What do you think? Do you use S3XY Buttons in your Tesla or any other Enhance Auto products? Is there another accessory I should review? Let me know in the comments below!

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