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Why I Passed on Tesla Full Self-Driving…and Why I Might Regret it.

As noted on the breakdown of my Model Y order, I decided to pass on full self-driving. Turns out, that might have been a big mistake. Here’s why. 


Let’s get this out-of-the-way. I 100% passed on full self-driving because of the price. This “affordable“ EV is already going to cost me $84,000 CAD after taxes and fees. This is A LOT. Adding another $9,000 (now $10,000 as of July 1st) was something I just couldn’t do.

Full Self-Driving Pay as you go?

That said, another reason why I passed on full self-driving is the rumour that the service will one day be available on demand or through a subscription.

This option would allow me to turn on FSD for road trips as needed. I do wish this was available for my upcoming trip across Canada though. I hear that Northern Ontario goes on forever.

Limited Features

Although Full Self-Driving would be nice for long road trips, I don’t think I would get much use out of it day-to-day. Currently, the bulk of the features are limited to highway driving which includes navigation, lane change, and off-ramp exits. Beyond that, stop signs and traffic light detection is only now being implemented.

There is Smart Summon, the option to “call” your Tesla to you from short distances away. Although very cool, it seems like a gimmick more than something of practical use.

All Those Credit Card Points

Another reason why I passed on Full Self-Driving, at least on my initial order, was that I could not pay for it with a credit card. When you order a Telsa, you can only finance or pay in cash.

If features make a drastic improvement and the price doesn’t skyrocket, I would have the option to pay for it with a credit card after. This means collecting some serious Aeroplan points which, if you follow me on, can go a long way, literally.

I Like to Drive

Northern Ontario and perhaps the Prairies aside, another reason why I passed on Full Self-Driving is the simple fact that I actually like to drive my car. What’s the point in paying so much for the vehicle and not drive it?

I get that Full Self-Driving takes the drain out of highway driving and stop-and-go settings, but overall, is it worth it?

Why I Might Regret it

The main reason why I might regret passing on Full Self-Driving is if/when it reaches its full potential, the price may be astronomical. Elon Musk himself has said the price will increase drastically. He’s already raised it incrementally over the past couple of years as improvements have been made.

If Tesla does deliver on Full Self-Driving that means robot cars and robotaxis. The thought is that while you are at work, your car can be out paying for itself through an Uber-like service. That is some serious George Jetsons stuff right there!

What do you Think About FSD?

As of today, the features included with Full Self-Driving just aren’t there for me to justify the price. That said if Tesla comes through on what they are promising, I may certainly regret this decision. I mean, $10K now or $100K later?

What do you think? Should I have added FSD despite the cost and minimal features? Have you added Full Self-Driving to your Tesla? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments below!

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