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Quick Bandit vs. SnapPlate: Which Tesla Removable License Plate Holder Is Better?

Are you thinking about picking up a removable licence plate holder for your Tesla? Read on for my Quick Bandit vs. SnapPlate comparison.

As highlighted in my favourite Tesla accessories post, I’m a big fan of the Quick Bandit Model Y removal license plate holder. So much so that when it came time to take delivery of my new Model Y, I went online to order another QuickBandit. That’s when I came across SnapPlate, another quick-release license plate holder designed for Teslas. I took this as an opportunity to compare the two and share my thoughts on which one is the better buy. Here’s what I found.

TLDR – Quick Pick

If you are in a rush, when comparing the SnapPlate vs Quick Bandit, the SnapPlate came out on top. It is available for several make and model vehicles including all Teslas from $110 USD and can be purchased through the Every Amp website.

Why Do You Need a Removable License Plate?

Before getting into my comparison of the Quick Bandit vs SnapPlate, let’s look at why you would want to remove your license plate in the first place. Similar to installing a swivel screen in your Tesla, it’s not for everyone.

For me, having a removable license plate is primarily for vanity and security. I take plenty of photos of my cars for this site and social channels. Being able to remove the front plate makes the car look that much better. On top of that, it also means less of my personal information is out there online.

Another reason why one would want a Quick Bandit or SnapPlate removable license plate holder is the fact that the Tesla factory provided one stick to the frame with double-sided adhesive tape. This isn’t overly secure and can come off in a car wash. It can also leave residue or scratch up your bumper. This is not a concern with a removable license plate holder. I take mine off before washing the cars and there is no contact with the bumper.

Note: There are other options for no-drill licence plate holders. They are cheaper but they are not quick-release.

Quick Bandit Vs. SnapPlate

Comparing these two removable license plate holders I considered the following factors; design, ease of use, security, cost, and accessories.


Both the Quick Bandit and SnapPlate are designed to attach to the front grill of a Tesla. The Quick Bandit has four clamps that are engaged by pulling a lever down to secure it in place.

The SnapPlate uses a round slide button that engages four clamps. When closed, this button is flush with the rest of the holder frame, which is very slick.

On top of the look, the SnapPlate also has the ability to adjust the height of the license plate where the Quick Bandit is fixed in place. A nod goes to SnapPlate on design.

Ease-of-Use and Functionality

Although both the Quick Bandit and SnapPlate are super easy to use, I found myself removing the SnapPlate more than the Quick Bandit. Thanks to its unique button, the SnapPlate just feels easier to use. It also feels more secure when attached. I actually had one Quick Bandit fall off because it was not secured to the grill. To the makers of Quick Bandit’s credit, they replaced free of charge.


Speaking of feeling secure, both the SnapPlate and Quick Bandit come with a locking screw to deter license plate bandits. That said, I gave up on using the SnapPlate screw after the first use. The screw hole had paint residue inside making it difficult to install. Now, this will likely get better over time and with use.

The Quick Bandit on the other hand has no issues with installing and removing the locking screw.


Both the Quick Bandit and SnapPlate for the Model Y are $139 USD. At the time of posting this, SnapPlate is onsale for $129 USD on


To make the SnapPlate locking screw install worse, the included screwdriver is tiny. This makes it much more difficult to secure the screw in place, especially with mine thanks to the paint inside the hole. The Quick Bandit, however, comes with an Allen key which I have had no issues with.

That said, the SnapPlate does come with a nice case to store the screwdriver and extra screws in. I purchased a better driver and security bits and store them in there.

And The Winner is…

Despite my woes with the security screw, when comparing the SnapPlate vs Quick Bandit, the SnapPlate takes the crown as the best removable license plate holder. With its, slick design and ease of use, I found it to be the better of the two. 

SnapPlate vs. Quick Bandit


  • Slick design
  • Easier to use
  • Adjustable licence plate height

Quick Bandit

  • Less secure
  • Not adjustable
  • Not available on Amazon

I really enjoyed using the SnapPlate on my road trip down the Oregon coast. There were frequent photo stops so I got plenty of use out of the SnapPlate. It feels more securely attached than the QuickBandit and the ability to adjust the licence plate height is a great addition.

Overall, the security bit is less of a concern for me. If it’s a factor for you, I suggest getting a better screwdriver and working on the screw a few times before installing it.

UPDATE: The manufacturer reached out to me and was surprised by the security bit issue. I was sent a replacement and can confirm that the second one works better. This makes SnapPlate that much more appealing than the Quick Bandit.

Where to Buy Quick Bandit and SnapPlate Holders?

SnapPlate is available through EveryAmp, the manufacturer of the holder along with a few other neat accessories like cosplay add-ons.

Another positive for the SnapPlate is that it is also available on Amazon. This makes it is also easier to buy, especially for that outside of the USA where it is manufactured.

The Quick Bandit is available through the official site and comes with hefty shipping and duty fees for those in Canada.

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