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Oregon Road Trip Itinerary – Best of the Coast and Interior

After planning this Oregon road trip itinerary for months and countless hours of research, I am pleased to share my full report. Discover the endless beauty of Oregon with me as I drive down the coastline and back up through the interior in a Tesla Model Y.

Along the way, this Oregon road trip itinerary takes you to hidden gems tucked away in small towns to famous landmarks accessible only by car. For those driving an electric vehicle, this report also includes all charging stops along with a great list of EV-friendly hotels.

Since I departed and returned to my home in Vancouver, Canada, this Oregon road trip itinerary also includes bonus legs through Washington state. I also dip below the border into northern California for a can’t-miss road trip highlight.

So for those looking for Oregon road trip ideas, buckle up, and let’s check out the best the PNW has to offer.

Note: Before jumping into this Oregon road trip report you might want to check out my initial plan and charging projections.

Bonus Leg: Vancouver to Long Beach

Seattle Pit Stop

My Oregon EV road trip starts from my home in Vancouver. I left with a 90% charge and headed south with a brief charging stop in Seattle. I made a last-minute decision to buy a drone for the trip so selected a Supercharger at Northgate mall. This allowed me to quickly shop while I topped up.

From there I stopped in the Fremont neighbourhood for lunch at Dumpling Tzar (so good) and to say hello to the iconic Fremont Troll. This area of town is full of quickness and great places to eat and drink.

Following lunch, I drove towards Aberdeen with a stop to admire Kurt Cobain’s childhood home. There’s also a small memorial park nearby with a bridge that Kurt famously use to hang out under and write songs.

As sun set, I took a quick detour on my way to Long Beach to take in the colours before stopping for the night at the Adrift Hotel.

With its own onsite distillery, I couldn’t have found a more perfect spot for that evening to explore and recharge.

Where To Charge and Stay in Long Beach?

The Adrift Hotel invites beachgoers to experience all the charm of a seaside stay without having to leave any of their modern comforts behind. Whether you’re looking for some sun-soaked rest and relaxation, or easy access to the boardwalk, this resort has everything you need.

A king size bed at the Adrift hotel in Long Beach Washington

With EV charging stations available to guests, you don’t have to worry about running out of power while soaking in the ocean view. Also, don’t miss their onsite restaurant, Pickled Fish. Great locally sourced dishes along with craft beer from the region. πŸ‘Œ

Photo of the a J1772 charger connected to a Tesla Model Y at the Adrift Hotel in Long Beach Washington

If you are looking for more details be sure to check out this full review of the Adrift Hotel in Long Beach.

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What To Do While You Charge in Long Beach

A Tesla Model Y parked in front of Long Beach's sign saying it is the "World's Longest Beach"

Since it is just north of the state border, Long Beach, Washington is a great place to stop on an Oregon road trip up or down the coast. The town is full of character with plenty to see and do.

On my visit, the fog was hanging heavy so I went to the quirky Marsh’s Free Museum to kill a bit of time before hitting the beach. This is a museum of strange with quirky highlights like “Jake the Aligotro Man” on display.

Exterior of Marsh's Free Museum in Long Beach Museum with cars parked in front.

For a more educational experience, there’s a Cranberry Museum that teaches visitors about cranberry farming and harvesting processes as well as local history. Long Beach is one of the world’s top procedures of cranberries and you can learn all about it here.

Driving on the beach is an unforgettable experience, especially in an EV. This was the main reason for my stop in town.

I have done this drive before but never in an EV. I had read my share of Tesla horror stories of cars washed up on shore so was a bit anxious about it. But with a little planning and awareness, driving on the beach is a breeze and super fun.

Day 1: Astoria to Seaside

Astoria, located at the very north of Oregon’s coastline, is a great stop or, in my case starting point, on this Oregon road trip itinerary. Take a drive over Astoria Bridge, the longest continuous truss bridge in North America, and then hit the historic downtown.

Arial shot of the Astoria Column from a drone. The Astoria Bridge is visible in the distance crossing the Columbia River

Astoria also holds many historical attractions and landmarks – including The Goonies house which is an old Victorian Mansion (any fan of the 80’s classic movie should definitely make this a must-see!).

Before departing Astoria, take the time to climb up Astoria Column to admire breathtaking views of the whole Pacific Coastline while checking out all the murals painted onto it.

There are plenty of great breweries in Astoria as well as some quality Fish and Chips at Ship Out. Don’t miss it and come hungry.

Wreck of Peter Iredale with children playing in front of it

And lastly, make sure to stop by Wreck of Peter Iredale – a four-masted British sailship abandoned during a violent storm in 1906 and now serves as an eerie reminder of Astoria’s seafaring past.

Where to Stay and Charge in Seaside

A Tesla Model Y connected to a J1772 charger at the Ashore Hotel in Seaside. Blue door to guest room in the background

After a fun day of sightseeing in Astoria, I made my way to Cannon Beach for sunset. Seaside to Cannon Beach only takes 15 minutes by car so there was plenty of time to scope out a place to watch the sunset.

Arial drone shot of Cannon Beach covered in fog at dusk. Waves crashing below

Ecola Park proved the perfect spot to watch the sun go down over Cannon Beach, made even more magical by the fog blanketing the sand below.

After sunset, I made my way down to Public Coast Brewing for dinner and a pint before heading back from Cannon Beach to Seaside for the night.

Interior shot of Ashore Hotel in Seaside, Oregon.

With its ideal location halfway between Astoria and Cannon Beach, staying in Seaside was an obvious choice for a relaxing night away from home. I chose Ashore Hotel for its free EV charging and was thrilled with the West Coast comfort found in the room.

If you are looking for Oregon road trip ideas on where to stay, check out this comprehensive review of the Ashore Hotel and see why it is a great choice if you are travelling from Astoria to cannon beach or Seaside to cannon beach.

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Day 2: Seaside to Bandon Dunes

Haystack Rock in Cannon beach on a cool day. A couple is linked in arms admiring the sight.

I started out the scenic stretch from Seaside to the Tillamook Cheese Factory at 90% charge and made a quick stop at Cannon Beach. Again, Seaside to Cannon Beach is a short 15-minute drive. I stopped in so I could check out the incredible Haystack Rock in the daylight. Although it was cold, I could have stayed all day here.

The next stop was Tillamook which is like Disney Land for cheese lovers! Not only did I have time to charge up our vehicle while touring the Tillamook Creamery, but I also had the best-grilled cheese sandwich of my life. Highly recommend booking a tour in advance as this facility is a popular attraction.

If you are looking for Oregon road trip ideas with unique places to eat, the Tillamook Creamery should not be missed.

I love stops like this that have free charging. This makes for an efficient road trip. Might as well stretch those legs and see something while you charge!

Tillamook Air Musem blimp hanger with a Guppy airplane parked out front and a Tesla Model Y next to it.

I then visited the Tillamook Air Museum located inside a former WWII blimp hanger. They have a great collection of aircraft in a very unique setting. This is great for those looking for Oregon road trip ideas that offer something a little unique.

From there, I enjoyed a scenic drive down the coast before ending up at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, where charging is included with your stay.

Where to Stay and Charge in Bandon Dunes

Interior photo of a room at the Bandon Dunes Golf resort. Two queen beds with a fan turning above

Bandon Dunes Resort is a heavenly paradise for golf lovers. For those looking for Oregon road trip ideas for a unique bachelor party or getaway with friends, this is it.

Located on the stunning southern Oregon coast, Bandon Dunes provides a plethora of activities with amazing views.

Tesla Model Y parked at an EV charging stall at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort. Car is surrounded by tall timbers.

Bandon Dunes also offers free charging and plenty of hotel accommodation options. I checked out the Bunker Bar cigar lounge while my vehicle charged and planned out the next leg of the trip. This also included a little prep work for the early am tee time I booked.

Day 3: Bandon Dunes to Eureka

Arial shot of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort club house taken from a drone. Pacific coast shore line in background

After an enjoyable, albeit wet round of golf at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, I was back on the road heading to Eureka. This stretch of the Oregon road trip itinerary offered some of the most dramatic and rugged coastal scenery with powerful waves crashing against the shore.

One highlight of this leg was Thor’s Well, a shallow cave in the rocks that appears to be bottomless as if Thor himself had come to take a sip.

Arial photo of the bridge going over Thor's Well along the Oregon coast. Water is churning white

It’s best to visit during high tide when seawater fills up Thor’s Well before magically draining away moments later – an incredible natural phenomenon that was a highlight of my Oregon road trip for sure.

Below the bridge at Thor's Well in Oregon. Waves are crashing and spraying straight up.

By nightfall, I arrived in Eureka ready to rest for the night.

Where to Stay and Charge in Eureka

Arial photo of the Carter House Inn in Eureka California

The Carter House Inn not only offers a unique experience but also includes EV charging with your stay.

This unique hotel is a recreation of an 1885 San Francisco Victorian home and its location couldn’t be any more central for exploring the area.

When I checked in, they offered me a free glass of wine which was an unexpected treat after a long day of driving. The best part is that their continental breakfast was by far the best free breakfast I enjoyed on this Oregon road trip itinerary.

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Day 4: Eureka to Medford – Bonus Leg

Drone shot of Carson Mansion in Eureka California. Bridge in the background and green grass in the foreground.

If you are looking for Oregon road trip ideas that take you into northern California, this next leg is a great addition.

After checking out the Carson Mansion, an impressive Victorian-era building in Eureka that’s said to be the United States’ most opulently decorated home, I made my way to the most scenic drive in the area.

Carson Mansion with Tesla Model Y parked in front

I decided to dip below the Oregon border and drive along the Avenue of Giants. Not just for fun – I wanted to take my Tesla Model Y for a spin on this scenic route and see if it would fit through the Shrine Drive-Thru Tree! Soon I’ll share all that happened there through a detailed post with more pictures.

After stopping at various points along the way to soak in some more of the massive red cedars, I ended up at Eel River Brewery, California’s first organic brewery.

Eel River Brewing is conveniently located next to a Shell EV charger with CCS fast charging capability making it the perfect pitstop for a pint and lunch.

From there I headed back north until finally reaching Grants Pass then Medford.

Where to Stay and Charge in Medford

Medford was my base before heading into the interior portion of my Oregon road trip itinerary. This is also where I picked up my brother who was joining me for the return leg.

We stayed at the Fairfield Inn Medford as guests are able to take advantage of the free EV charging while staying there.

Day 5: Medford to Bend

Crater Lake is included on many lists of Oregon road trip ideas and has long been on my list of must-sees. When we set out from Medford on our Oregon road trip I was eager to check it out.

The forecast promised some snow, but I was willing to take a risk as I had put my winter tires on before heading out on this Oregon EV road trip.

A Tesla Model Y driving on a road completely covered in snow shot from above with a drone. Tall trees are also covered.

As we made our way further north, the conditions changed drastically and we were suddenly in white-out conditions. Combined with concerns around charging and range due to plummeting temperatures, the Crater Lake adventure became too risky.

Instead of Crater Lake, we took the scenic route through Klamath Falls to take a quick break for charging and then continued on our journey towards Bend.

Where to Stay and Charge in Bend

If you’re looking for a mid-journey stop in Bend on an Oregon road trip, be sure to check out the Campfire Hotel. Although it doesn’t have EV charging, it was the perfect place for us to unwind and explore after white-knuckling it through the snow.

Steamy heated outdoor pool at the Campfire Hotel in Bend Oregon with group of girls chatting next to a floating tube.

The Campfire Hotel is a very chill and comfortable spot to relax. They have a year-round heated pool which was a perfect thing at the perfect time. Also, true to its name, there is a massive fire pit to enjoy. Definitely worth considering if you plan on making a pit stop in Bend on your Oregon adventure.

For more details on this great hotel, check out this review of the Campfire Hotel.

Day 6: Bend to Hood River

Arial drone photo of a tesla Model Y driving down a snow-covered road outside of Bend Oregon

After two days of exploring Bend’s winter beauty and relaxing at the Camp Fire Hotel, we got back on the road to explore more of Oregon.

Tumalo Falls with fresh snow

With a final stop at the Last Blockbuster Video – a throwback to simpler times – and Tumalo Falls, covered in fresh snow which made for a great photo opportunity, we continued our journey.

Tesla Model Y parked in front of a Blockbuster in Bend Oregon

While making our way up north to Hood River, we stopped at the Mandras Air Museum which has an incredible collection.

From there we hit the unique Eagle Bakery for the best sticky buns I have ever had. Although there is a Tesla Supercharger in town, we charged at a nearby ChargePoint station so we could have some time to relax.

The owner was happy to chat over free coffee and explain the history of the building and his business. This was another highlight of the trip so don’t miss it!

Next on our list was the Timberline Lodge, made famous by “The Shining” before arriving at Multnomah Falls – possibly one of the most famous falls in Oregon.

After a soggy visit, we continued along Columbia River towards Hood River.

Where to Stay and Charge in Hood River

With its storied past and modern amenities, the Historic Hood River Hotel was the perfect pitstop on my Oregon EV road trip.

Arial photo of the historic Hood River Hotel in Hood River Oregon.

This charming hotel has a cosy atmosphere and friendly staff that were more than welcoming when I stopped in for the evening.

Although it does not have EV charging, I topped up at a nearby Supercharger before heading out the next day.

Be sure to check out this full review of the Historic Hood River Hotel if you are looking for more info on this unique property.

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Day 7: Hood River to Leavenworth

Tesla Model Y parked on the side of the road leading down to a bridge crossing the Columbia River

Our last day in Oregon was truly an adventure. We started with a visit to Tieton Cider Works where the sun was blazing however the skies in the distance were hinting at something darker.

After a few samples, we hit the road north but found our way blocked by signs of upcoming road closures. We weren’t about to let this detour stop us so we responded in kind and took a lengthy, yet stunning route along the Columbian River valley which made for great roadside views.

Finally, our journey brought us to Leavenworth where it seemed as if winter had arrived in all its beauty; fresh powder and Christmas lights gleamed across the village giving it an inviting atmosphere.

Hand holding up a pint of beer from Icicle Brewing in Leavenworth Washington

After sampling some of the German-style cuisines upon arrival complete with Dukel beer and live polka music from the band, we knew that this would be a night to remember.

Where to Stay and Charge in Leavenworth

Tesla Model Y charing next to a pole with Christmas lights

Leavenworth is an enchanting Bavarian-style village located in the heart of Washington state’s Cascades Mountains and a great place to recharge your batteries… literally!

The Obertal Inn is the perfect spot to rest both your head and your EV as they offer free charging. They also have a great grab-and-go breakfast before you continue your EV road trip home.

–> Search for the best rates at the Hood River Hotel.

Leavenworth to Vancouver – Bonus Leg

Snow covered day in Leavenworth. Tree covered in snow in the foreground, vehicles covered in snow in the background

The winter weather slowed my Oregon EV Road Trip but the Tesla Model Y had no trouble on this leg. Thanks to the winter tires and AWD handling, I was passing the long line of slow traffic with ease on the way down the mountain.

I made a quick stop at the Monroe Supercharger then took a break in Bellingham for lunch at Bayou On Bay – definitely worth it if you’re looking for the best shrimp and grits in the Pacific Northwest.

From there, I was on the home stretch to Vancouver.

Wrapping Up This Oregon Road Itinerary

From one PNW natural wonder to the next–from cascading waterfalls to rugged coastal cliffs–this itinerary offers plenty of great Oregon road trip ideas for everyone.

Rear angle of Tesla Model Y parked along a windy road on the Oregon coast. Foggy sky.

We’re so lucky that the PNW is filled with EV-friendly infrastructure and hotels that make planning such lengthy trips so much easier. I normally calculate each day and share states but the coverage is so good that it really isn’t too much stress.

If you plan on taking an epic adventure down the Pacific coast in your electric vehicle, we hope this guide gives you a great starting point for where to stay along with the unique activities and sites along the way.

Lessons Learned

Even though this Oregon road trip itinerary was well planned out, there were a couple of hiccups along the way.

  • At my first hotel stop, I noticed my J1772 adapter had a bent pin. This was a good reminder to carry a spare if there are no other charging options in the area you are going. This is the most common charging port out there and the adaptor is inexpensive.
  • The weather can be wild. On this Oregon road trip, I experienced all four seasons. I, thankfully, made a last-minute decision to put on my winter tires. This paid off given the mountain weather and road closures I faced.
  • The cold weather affected the range but not enough to be inconvenient at all. The only area of concern was visiting Crater Lake. I would not recommend this in the winter if range is a concern.

Oregon Road Trip itinerary – EV Charging Costs

So what did this 2,028 mi Oregon road trip itinerary (starting and ending from Vancouver) cost?

2,028 mi

228 Wh/km


3 hr, 35 min Charging

If you are thinking about placing a Model Y order, be sure to use my referral code and get 1,500 Supercharger kilometres!

*As of Sept 2021, Tesla has put a pause on referrals 😞 I will update if/when they reinstate it.

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