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Is Tesla Acceleration Boost Worth it? 5 Factors to Consider

At ~$2,000 USD, is the Tesla acceleration boost worth it?

When I got my first Tesla Model Y Long Range in 2020, I was blown away by the acceleration and speed. It was by far the fastest vehicle I have ever owned and provides instant torque that still brings me joy to this day.

So, naturally, I was surprised when the Tesla acceleration boost upgrade was announced. Why would anyone want to upgrade an already quick ride? And, for future Tesla buyers, wouldn’t they just opt for the Performance model instead? I had questions.

Well, thanks to a points redemption, I have added the Tesla acceleration boost to my Model Y and given it thorough testing on a 3-month road trip across the continent.

In this Tesla acceleration boost review, will break down the pros and cons I personally came across along with five factors to consider before upgrading yourself.

What is a Tesla Acceleration Boost Upgrade?

A Tesla acceleration boost upgrade is just that, a service upgrade that instantly makes your already quick Tesla Model 3 or Model Y faster. The only catch is that it is only available (currently) in the Model 3 (dual motor) and Model Y Long Range variants.

Best of all, unlike adding other Tesla upgrades such as HomeLink, the boost is done through a software upgrade. This means no need to schedule a mobile technician or visit a service centre to install anything. Just, click, download, and enjoy.

Tesla Model 3 Acceleration Boost

In the Model 3 Long Range, the acceleration boot upgrades the 0-60 mph time from 4.2 seconds to 3.7.

Tesla Model Y Acceleration Boost

The Tesla Model Y acceleration boost shaves 0.5 seconds off the 0-60 time, going from 4.8 seconds to 4.3.

Tesla Acceleration Boost Cost

As of posting this Tesla acceleration boost review, the cost to upgrade is $2,000 USD. Alternatively, if you are looking to get the acceleration boost for free you can redeem 9,500 Tesla reward points which are accumulated through the Tesla referral program.

Tesla Acceleration boost cost image from Tesla app

Note: Like everything Tesla, costs may fluctuate. For the latest prices, please consult Tesla’s official site or app.

How to Buy Tesla Acceleration Boost

As mentioned, there is nothing to physically install with the Tesla acceleration boost upgrade. As such, Tesla owners can easily purchase and install it through the Tesla app.

To buy the accelerations boost open your Tesla app, and head over to the Upgrades section. Click on Software Upgrades. If the upgrade is available for your Tesla, you’ll see the option for Acceleration Boost.

Ensure your car is in Park and connected to Wi-Fi or has a healthy cellular connection for the download. Add the Acceleration Boost to your cart, and dance your way through the payment steps – it’s a one-time gig, and you can use your trusty credit card, debit card, or Apple Pay.

Note, that adding the acceleration boost into your lease or loan payments isn’t an option.

How To Tell if Tesla Acceleration Boost is Installed

Once you’ve completed the purchase, you can check that the upgrade has successfully landed in your Tesla with the following steps.

Head to Controls (the car icon), then select the Software section. Under your vehicle’s image, you’ll spot a lineup of features, which may include goodies like Full Self-Driving, Premium Connectivity, and more.

If the upgrade has worked its magic on your car, you’ll see Acceleration Boost making an appearance.

Another area to confirm the upgrade has been completed is under the Pedals & Steering section. There you’ll notice your acceleration options have changed. Say farewell to ‘Chill’ and ‘Standard,’ and say hello to ‘Chill’ and ‘Sport’ with the latter being the speedier acceleration boost.

The last way to check is by simply driving. Although 0.5 seconds faster on a 0-60 time doesn’t seem like much, the Tesla acceleration boost is noticeably faster.

Tesla Acceleration Boost vs. Performance Model

If you are considering purchasing a new Tesla and trying to decide between a Standard Range vs. Long Range vs. Performance, or wondering “Is Tesla Acceleration boost worth it?” it’s important to look at the acceleration of all versions.

The Standard Range Model 3 gets a 0-60 time of 5.6 seconds and the SR Model Y is 5.3. Again, you can only add acceleration boost to the Long Range version.

While the Acceleration Boost significantly enhances your vehicle’s performance, it’s essential to note that it won’t transform it into a Performance model.

To illustrate, here are 0 to 60 mph time comparisons among the Long Range model, Long Range with Acceleration Boost, and the Performance models:

Model0-60 Time 0-60 with BoostPerformance 0-60 Time
Model 34.2 seconds3.7 seconds3.1 seconds
Model Y4.8 seconds4.3 seconds3.5 seconds

As the table indicates, a Long Range model with the Acceleration Boost upgrade falls between a Performance model and the Long Range model in terms of acceleration. If you have a need for speed, the Performance model is still significantly quicker than the Long Range with the Telsa Acceleration boost upgrade.

Long Range vs. Performance – Other Differences

The Performance model gets you a few extras vs. the Long Range version, mainly larger 21″ wheels, a spoiler, performance pedals, and red brake callipers. The drawback is your sacrifice range, roughly 27 miles.

It’s also worth noting that the Track Mode feature is exclusive to Performance models. Track Mode allows you to customize your vehicle’s handling and performance, including adjustments like altering motor bias, reducing traction control, and fine-tuning vehicle cooling. While vehicles with Acceleration Boost offer enhanced performance compared to their Long Range counterparts, they do not include Tesla’s Track Mode feature.

Now there is a price difference between the Long Range and Performance models however this fluctuates wildly so it’s best to check the latest price before considering which way to go. Along with the Tesla Acceleration boost, you can also upgrade your Long Range with some great accessories to close the gap with the Performance model.

My Tesla Acceleration Review So Far

As mentioned at the top, I purchased the acceleration boost just before my 3-month road trip across North America. I had a ton of fun ripping up back roads and highways from coast to coast.

The Good

My first impression was that it was comically fast. The slightest touch on the accelerator and the car launches. I was shocked at the difference so can 100% say that the acceleration boost is shockingly faster. I loved how I could command the road, passing vehicles on the highway with ease.

Also, I had a few run-ins with “coal rolling” so I enjoyed leaving large trucks in the middle of the country far behind.

The Not-so-Good

Now, that said and as much as I enjoyed it, there wasn’t really a need for me to have it on all the time. I was going to some pretty remote locations and had to be cautious with my range so ended up turning off the acceleration boost to maximize efficiency. Overall, this didn’t save me much but, again, I wanted to be cautious.

One thing I don’t love is that there is only the option to choose between “Chill” and “Sport” mode. I would like the option to have standard as well because the difference between chill and sport is drastic and actually impacts the way I drive. This, seemingly, would be an easy add by a software update.

5 Factors to Consider Before Upgrading

Are you still on the fence about upgrading or wondering if the Tesla acceleration boost is worth it for you? Here are five things to consider before buying.

1) Does Speed Matter to You?

The first factor to consider is if the speed boost actually matters to you. Teslas are quick off the line as is. Does 0.5 seconds faster mean anything to you?

2) Cost

If speed matters to you, consider the Tesla Acceleration boost cost. $2,000 may seem like a lot to drop for half a second however, in ICE vehicles, getting a boost like this could be a lot more. Depending on how you look at it, the value is there.

3) Range vs. Performance

Another factor to consider is the slight reduction in the range you will lose with the boost enabled. Although there are other factors at play, (larger tires) the Performance Model has a dip in range of around 27 miles compared to the Long Range version. As such, it is safe to say that the speed boost will result in a loss of range.

4) Wear and Tear

Another factor to consider when asking “is Tesla Acceleration Boost worth it” is what that means to the lifespan of your vehicle. Although overall minimal and depending on how you drive, the added acceleration will result in higher tire wear.

5) Referal Credits

Does getting the Tesla Acceleration boost for free interest you?? Make sure you use a Tesla referral link to accumulate reward points. These can be used to redeem for upgrades like the acceleration boost and even FSD!

Note: Tesla constantly changes the parameters around its reward program. Acceleration Boost redemption availability and reward point levels are known to change.

So, is Tesla Acceleration Boost Worth it?

For me personally, the answer is a resounding yes…and no.

While the Acceleration Boost update might have a bit of a price tag at $2,000, it’s like giving your ride a secret superpower, putting it on par with the Performance model. As I have experienced, the boost makes driving an already fun car that much more exciting.

Still, I am not someone that needs to be the fastest car around. I also value range over performance and that is why I turned off the boost at times during my road trip.

As such, I wouldn’t personally pay the $2,000 to upgrade. That said, I would 100% use reward points if you have them!

If you are a new buyer and considering a Performance model vs a Long Range with the boost, you have some factors to consider, mainly the extras that the Performace version gets you. Still, if I were to buy again, I would go with the Long Range and the Boost along with some aftermarket accessories.

Finally, a little extra bonus the Tesla Acceleration Boost upgrade might give you is increased value or visibility when it comes time to sell. You just might just see a chunk of that upgrade cost pop back into your wallet when it’s time to say farewell to your ride.

What say you? Is the Tesla acceleration boost worth it for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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*As of May 2023 Tesla has updated their referral program to a points system. 1,500 credits = 500 mi/KM. Points can be redeemed for car accessories and Tesla swag as well.

Tesla Acceleration Boost Upgrade FAQs

Does Tesla still sell acceleration boost?

Yes, Tesla sells an over-air acceleration boost upgrade for its Model Y and Model 3 Long Range variants.

How much is the Tesla acceleration boost?

The Tesla Acceleration Boost is typically priced at $2,000 USD. It is important to note that pricing for optional features and upgrades can change over time, and it may vary depending on the specific Tesla model and market.

Is the Tesla acceleration boost refundable?

Yes, the Tesla acceleration boost is refundable, but only within 48 hours of purchasing. When you buy upgrades through the Tesla app, you’ve got a nifty window of 48 hours to ask for a refund right from the app itself.


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