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Tesla Model Y Winter Tires – My Take on What to Go With This Winter

Wondering what type of Tesla Model Y winter tires to get? Read on as I break down my setup along with what to buy and where to get them.

Winter is once again upon us as are those scrambling to get their winter tires in order. With more and more provinces and states making winter tires mandatory, it’s best to get in front of the rush.

I have just purchased my first set of winter tires for my Model Y and wanted to share my setup along with why I went with a slightly different configuration from the norm.

Here’s our guide to Tesla Model Y snow tires.

Should You Get a Second Set of Wheels for Your Winter Tires?

Before breaking down what Tesla Model Y winter tires to go with, you will need to decide if you want those tires to go on your current wheels or get a completely new set.

Purchasing just the tires is, obviously, cheaper. However, swapping them out each year will take more time and will cost more. Getting a second set of wheels allows you to change them out yourself (if you have a proper jack and pucks to protect the battery). It also gives you an opportunity to change the look of your vehicle each winter.

Second Set of Wheels?


  • Easier/cheaper to change
  • Allows you to change the look
  • Option to have a different config.


  • More expensive
  • It May require TPSM sensors

What Type of Winter Tires Should You Get for Your Tesla Model Y?

You will find winter tires come in a few varieties – Studded, Studless Ice & Snow, and Performance. Studded tires are really only recommended for icy or snow-covered roads only. If you live in the mountains, they may be for you. For the majority of cold-climate Tesla owners (outside of Norway at least), studded tires should be avoided. They do not perform as well on bare pavement, are noisy, and are harsh on roads. This leaves us with Performance Winter Tires and Studless Ice & Snow.

Tesla Model Y winter tires and tesla model y snow tires install through mobile service

Performance Winter Tires

Although the name might suggest Performance Winter Tires are for performance vehicles, it really means they perform better on clear, paved roads regardless of the vehicle type. They have better traction than All-Season tires and perform better in snow and ice conditions. Compared to Studless Ice & Snow tires, they have a higher speed rating.

Studless Ice & Snow

Also true to its name, Studless Ice & Snow tires perform better on icy and snow-covered roads. You would think this would be the deciding factor however if you drive in a location that regularly clears its roads, Studless Ice & Snow tires should be avoided. Braking on wet pavement can take you significantly longer than Performance Winter Tires. This means, that for the majority of Tesla Model Y drivers out there, Performance Winter Tires are a clear choice.

Still not sure? Tyre Reviews does a great breakdown testing the two types in various temperatures. The stopping time between Studless Ice & Snow and Performance is significant.

Winter Tire For the Tesla Model Y

Below is a list of highly-rated Winter Performance and Studless Ice & Snow tire options. Keep your local climate and road conditions in mind when deciding.

Winter PerformanceWhere to Buy?Studless Ice & SnowWhere to Buy?
Nokian WR A4Canada / USANokian Hakkepilita R3Canada / USA
ContiWinterContact TS830PCanada / USAContinental Viking Contact 7Canada / USA
Pirelli Sotto Zero 3Canada / USAPirelli Ice Zero FRCanada / USA
Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4Canada / USAMichelin X-Ice Xi3Canada / USA

Tesla Model Y Winter Tire Size

The factory tire width for the Standard and Long Range variants of the Model Y is 9.5″ with an offset of 45. The Performance version has 9.5″ fronts and 10.5″ rears and offset of 40 and 48 accordingly. The bolt and bore pattern for all variants is 5X114.3 and 64.1mm.

That said, if you get a second set of wheels for your winter set, you can adjust the width and size for conditions and preferences.

The Best Winter Tires for Tesla Model Y

For my Tesla Model Y winter tire set-up, I went with Replika R241 Satin Black wheels. Although I was wanting a different look for my winter setup, the Replikas look great (close to the Tesla Induction wheels) and are highly rated. They’re also Canadian-made.

I was going to check out the Fast Wheels EV01(+)` in all black but they weren’t in stock and I needed the tires sooner rather than later for an upcoming Turo rental. If anybody has a set of these on their Model Y, I would love to see some pictures!

As for the tires, since I live in mostly wet Vancouver, Winter Performace is the right choice. For my Tesla Model Y snow tires, I went with Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 which is one of the highest-rated winter tires available.

Smaller Wheel and Tires

I went for 19″ wheels instead of my factory 20″ as they are significantly cheaper. To me, the size difference is negligible to the naked eye. I also went with 8.5″ inch wide wheels instead of 9.5″ as narrower tires are better in winter conditions. They will cut through snow better vs. riding on top of it. Also, pairing that with the stock 255-wide tires means the rubber will stick out further than the wheel which will help avoid curbing.

Where to Buy Tesla Model Y Winter Tires


In Canada, offers free shipping and will match or beat any better prices you find.

For the configuration I went with, the wheels were $329 per and the tires were $265.47 per on-sale. The total with tax came to $2,686.85. There’s also a $70 mail-in rebate currently for Michelin tires when buying a set of four.

For the latest price, see the links in the chart below.

WHEEL:Replika R241 Satin Black wheel | 19X8.5, 5×114.3, 64.1, 40 offsetValve Color
TIRES:Michelin – Pilot Alpin PA4 – P255/45R19 100V BSWMI44651


Friends in the USA, has a great tool where you can virtually try out the wheels on your specific car model and colour type. I wish I tried this before selecting my setup as I like the look of the Enkei Performance YX-5’s in Gunmetal. I think it pairs nicely with the Midnight Silver Metalic.

At the time of my search, Tirerack only had the Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4s in 20″ so I suggest checking back for the latest price and availability. Alternatively, the

Updated September 2022:

The following configuration is available at Tire Rack:

WHEEL:Virtually try them on!
TIRES:PIRELLI WINTER SOTTOZERO 3 Performance Winter / Snow Size: 255/45R19 104V XL

Lastly, if you buy separate wheels and the lug nuts are exposed, don’t forget the nut caps! These will complete the look by covering the exposed lug nuts, matching your wheels. You can see the exposed lug nuts in the photo below.


There you have it, my Tesla Model Y winter tire recommendations and set-up. What do you think about the best winter tires for Tesla Model Y? What set did you go with? Let me know in the comments below!

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