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Searching for the Best Tesla Model Y Trunk Mat? Here’s One Owner’s Take

While searching for the best Tesla Model Y trunk mat, I came across one owner’s take on what’s available out there. He was kind enough to share his thoughts here. With that in mind, let’s breakdown the best Tesla Model Y trunk mat options. Which one offers the best combination of looks and value? Let’s find out.

Why You Need a Tesla Model Y Trunk Mat

Before diving into this list of Tesla Model Y trunk mat options, let’s look at why you need one in the first place.

Pet owners in particular will benefit from having a trunk mat. Not only will it protect the area, but it will also make it easy to clean. Personally, I find the trunk carpet a magnet for dirt and pet hair. Cleaning it takes several passes with a vacuum so the liner is worth it for me just to keep things tidy.

That said, a trunk mat isn’t reserved for those with pets. A trunk mat will help keep your Model Y in showroom condition and protect the carpet from anything wet or muddy you put back there.

Breaking Down the Options

Since receiving one of the first deliveries of Model Y’s in Canada, Tesla owner Mark Johnston has been extensively researching the accessories he wanted. The last thing on his list was a rear cargo mat. Mark spent some time debating the many offerings out there and was kind enough to share his research here. From price to looks, Mark breaks down the Tesla Model Y trunk mat options including his pick for best overall.


First up on this list of Model Y trunk mat options is also one of the most popular floor mat makers for Tesla’s, Tesmanian. This option wins points for its simple design, excellent fit, and single horizontal crease for easy access to the upper and lower rear storage compartments.

Cost: $60 USD on Amazon

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3D MAXPider

The 3D MAXPider design may not be for everyone. Mark really doesn’t like the brick layout or the vertical crease. It would seem the purpose is for shipping rather. What he does like is how it sticks to the floor and will not shift and owns 3D MAXpider’s for the front and rear seats.

Cost: $204 USD on Amazon


Cost: $152 CAD (set of three) on

Like many products on Amazon, Taptes produces cheap options for popular accessories. Mark doesn’t like rip-offs and it seems Taptes tends to steal lots of other designs. Unlike the 3D MAXpider’s above, they are similar and have a block grid look. I really dislike the 4 quadrants with the vertical crease.

On the positive, this set includes front and rear cargo liners as well.

S3XY Models

Cost: $184 CAD (set of three) on

This Tesla Model Y trunk mat option is aesthetically nicer than the bricks or blocks but could be better. The design did not win over his wife however Mark is a big fan of the single horizontal crease. It does come with the Model Y stick to make it look OEM like the Model 3.

This set also includes front and rear storage linners.


Cost: $139 CAD on Amazon

Seems to be a rip-off to S3XY Models custom mats, but cheaper and still comes with the Model Y Sticker.


Cost: $92 CAD on Amazon

Another 3D Block layout that is similar to Taptes. Does not come with a Model Y Sticker.


Cost: $90 CAD on Amazon

Same as S3XY, DESLE, another TAPTES among many, many others with the same design. Only real difference here is it does not have a sticker.


Cost: $120 CAD on

A very solid grid pattern, but missing the horizontal centre crease to easily access the upper rear storage compartment. This is a deal-breaker for me personally as I access this spot often.

Tesloid Canada

Cost: $150 CAD on

This is another 3D Block grid but doesn’t stay flat to the floor like the 3D MAXpiders. This includes front and rear storage liners also.


Cost: $170 CAD on

I really like the simplistic design, but unfortunately, it does not have a horizontal crease. It’s also far too expensive. Now if they were included with the purchase…?


Cost: $100 CAD on Amazon

Mark really likes this design, but there are absolutely no reviews and no real photos so he couldn’t trust ordering something from Japan. If anyone here has ordered these, please do share your thoughts! It does look nice and different from all the others.

Elon Accessories

Cost: $399 USD from

These have a lot of promise but they have never been released and there is no update on when they will be available. It’s a unique design though and I personally use their screen protector and can recommend it!

Which Tesla Model Y Trunk Mat is For You?

In the end, Mark went with Tesmanian even though it wasn’t necessarily his first choice in design. What won him over? The simplistic look, high ratings online, and price. Personally, I own the same and agree with his findings! Big thanks to Mark Johnston for sharing this breakdown!

What Tesla Model Y trunk mat did you go with? Let us know in the comments bellow!

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