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5 Reasons Why I’m Selling My Tesla Model Y

After just 20 months of ownership, it’s time to move on.

The Telsa Model Y has been, without question, the most amazing car I have ever owned. Being more into technology than vehicles, it’s also the coolest tech I have ever owned. That said, this Model Y has come with its share of pain points and, given the current market, it’s time to go. More specifically, here are five reasons why I’m selling my Tesla Model Y.

The Used Car Market

The first reason I’m selling my Tesla Model Y is the unique situation the world is in with demands on used vehicles. Thanks to parts shortages and supply issues across the globe, used vehicles are in huge demand. As such, vehicle depreciation is almost wiped out on some brands and models. It seems odd not to take advantage of this bizarre time we are all in.

That said, you need to drive something right? Well, I don’t commute now that my job has shifted to working from home and I have car share and bike options. It only makes sense to capitalize on this situation while also helping someone else get more use out of the car than I currently can. Right?

The EV Market

On top of used vehicles selling for record prices, electric vehicles, in particular, are in high demand. With gas prices at an all-time high, many are ready to ditch the pump. Telsa, being the industry leader, has an even higher demand making this an even more appealing time to sell. On top of all that, one of Tesla’s best-selling vehicles just happens to be the Model Y, driving demand up even higher.

The Model Y Market

As mentioned above, the Model Y is becoming Tesla’s best-selling vehicle. Pair that with the other global issues highlighted above and, supply can not keep up with demand. If you put an order down today, you are looking at an estimated delivery date well into next year. On top of that, the price has increased ~$8,000 since I purchased it. This further helps cut down on depreciation.

The Build

Now, every reason so far has been tied to vehicle demands and shortages. But what about the car itself? My Model Y was one of the first off the line and, as such, had its share of build quality issues. To Tesla’s credit, they did adjust most panel gaps and alignment issues. Still, there were a few areas that they were either unable/willing to fix or considered to be “within spec.” This never sat well with me despite enjoying everything else with the car. To most, uneven doors may not be noticeable but if you are like me, once you see something you can’t unsee it.

The Accident

As shared on this site, my very first Turo renter dinged up the car. Thankfully the damage was purely cosmetic and the repairs made the car arguably better than new as the repairs addressed some alignment issues Tesla wouldn’t. Still, thanks to the high price of Tesla parts, the claim was large. This sits on the car’s history and, in theory, affects resale. I was able to recoup some potential loss through accelerated depreciation however if I can sell the vehicle while the resale market is hot, the accident claim may not be as big of a factor in negotiations. Time will tell.

If you are in the market and interested in my Model Y and all its upgrades, check out the listing here!

My Next Vehicle

Really, the main reason that I am selling my Tesla Model Y is the fact that I have a new one on order. As mentioned, this has been the most amazing vehicle and piece of technology I have ever driven or owned. Of course, I am going to buy another one! Over the past couple of years Tesla has made some interesting changes to the Model Y and if I can upgrade at a minimal loss then I 100% will!

That said, I am in no rush to sell as I have several bookings lined up on Turo. Worst case, I end up renting both for a while.

Stay tuned as I will share how the sale goes. Also, I will post my 2022 Model Y order details along with my thoughts on the best configuration after driving the 2020 model these past 20 months.

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*As of Sept 2021, Tesla has put a pause on referrals 😞 I will update if/when they reinstate it.

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