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The Best Tesla Model Y Configuration Options From a Repeat Owner

As I recently posted, I’m selling my 2020 Tesla Model Y for the updated 2022 version. After driving a Model Y for over a year, I have the unique opportunity to do things a little differently this time around. Here are my takeaways on the best Tesla Model Y configuration options and why I went a different route on this new order.

My 2020 Telsa Model Y Configurations

As a refresher, here is what I ordered back in 2019 along with my rationale back then.

In short, I went with the long-range dual motor in midnight silver metallic. I chose the black interior and upgraded Induction wheels. The latter I really agonized over.

I also skipped on full self-driving which turned out to be for the best. Beta has only recently rolled out in Canada, just in time for me to sell. There is additional resale value with it but I’m not convinced it’s enough just yet.

My 2022 Tesla Model Y Configuration

So, with that in mind, what changed and what stayed this time around and why? Here’s my 2022 Tesla Model Y configuration and the thinking behind it.

Standard Range vs. Long-Range vs. Performance

The first choice, and most expensive, is what version of Model Y to go with. The standard range model isn’t something I would consider if you plan to road trip. That said, it’s been pulled and re-added to the menu so many times that it might not even be an option for you. It has recently resurfaced under the name Standard Range AWD in the US with the updated 4860 battery pack. The minimal price savings, however, are not worth it in my opinion given the loss of range.

Although the Performance model comes with upgraded 21-inch wheels, red brake callipers, and performance pedals, it’s excessive in my opinion. Non-performance models are plenty zippy and the larger tires do affect the overall range. The money saved going with the long-range model can be used to upgrade the wheels and, if the 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds isn’t fast enough for you, you can also add the speed boost which gets you 4.2 seconds for $2,000 USD through a software upgrade.

Oh, and those much-improved pedals can be added through Amazon for under $20.

My Top 10 Must Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

That said the performance model does deliver faster than the long-range version. If you want your car sooner than later and are planning on putting money into upgraded tires and speed then the performance model is definitely worth it. If you are concerned about the loss in the range you could sell the performance wheels for smaller ones.

Wheel Selection

Next up are the wheels. As mentioned in my post on Induction versus Gemini, I struggled with this decision. In the end, I went with the upgraded Induction wheels simply for the looks. This time around, I’m changing course.

Although I like the look of the Inductions, as I found with my winter tires search, you can get a set of great replica ones at a reasonable price. On top of that, you can adjust the width to allow for a better cushion to help prevent curb rash, something that plagues the Tesla community.

I still dislike the silver Aero wheels that come standard but did come across these excellent black covers and intend to give them a go. Full review to follow!

Paint Choice

Although I am team Midnight Silver Metallic 100%, I opted for the free Pearl White on this order.

My thought here is that I can put the money I would’ve spent on the paint upgrade towards a unique wrap. I’ve enjoyed the benefits of PPF so I’m also exploring using GSWF, a PPF product that comes in colours. Again, full review to follow should I go this route.

Now, that all said, Midnight Silver Metallic has since become a free colour option. I would’ve selected this had this been available at the time of my Tesla model Y configuration order. Again, this is a personal preference.

Interior Choice

The other colour option you have with the Model Y configuration is the interior. You can get black with a wood dash accent or all white wait for an additional $1,000 dollars.

I have since come around on the white seats and think that it pops nicely, especially with Midnight Silver Metallic as an exterior colour. That said, I’m not a fan of the all-white accent dashboard. I did come across this dash upgrade that has plenty of cool options. I think it would look great with the white seats. That said, I wouldn’t personally pay for the white interior even though the seats are notoriously durable, I find black is classic and I do like the factory wood accent. This seems to divide a lot of people but again, a personal choice.

Five or Seven Seater?

Another Tesla model Y configuration option is whether to go with a five or seven-seater. For me, I have no use for the extra seat so this is an easy one. I wouldn’t want to lose the extra storage to gain something that I would rarely ever use.

A word of caution to those that are looking for the additional seats – they are cosy, to say the least. The back roof slants so headroom is minimal. As such, the seats are only good for those with small children.

Autopilot or Full Self-Driving?

Nothing new on this one for me. Full self-driving and its added features are largely gimmicky for me. I also think we are a ways off for autonomous driving, despite what Elon thinks or says to drive stock prices up. There are just too many human factors out there to make this work with our current infrastructure. If there was a dedicated autonomous lane on every city road, maybe?

A good in-between is Enhanced Auto Pilot. This comes on the menu now and then and adds the ability for users to get features like self-parking and summon. Both, however, are not very practical in their current state. This feature also adds highway lane changes and navigates on autopilot.

That said unless you need to be bleeding edge with your tech, pass on FSD. Standard autopilot works great, especially on road trips.


So, in the end, you can see my 2020 Tesla Model Y configuration is bare-bones. That’s because I think the money saved can be better used on third-party upgrades like tires, wheels, pedal covers, and speed boost should you desire it.

That all said, I was originally holding out for the 4860 battery pack however this doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon for long-range models. Since Tesla does not like it when you push back reservations too many times, I am going ahead as is. Stay tuned, plenty of fun upgrades to come!

best model Y configurations options

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