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Is Tesla Homelink Installation Worth it in 2023?

Are you considering a Tesla Homelink installation in your Model 3 or Model Y but are hesitant because of the cost? We’ve got you covered.

In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll dig into the value and help you answer if Tesla Homelink is worth it for you. We will also look at installation and alternatives to give you some options.

So say goodbye to separate garage door remotes and keypads as we explore how this feature seamlessly integrates your Tesla with your home garage door. Let’s uncover the convenience, security, and peace of mind that Tesla Homelink can bring to your everyday life.

What is Tesla Homelink?

Before diving into whether Tesla Homelink is worth it, let’s talk about what it does and why you might need it.

Simply put, Tesla Homelink is a feature that allows Tesla vehicles to integrate with and control compatible garage doors and gates. It eliminates the need for separate remote controls or keypads by enabling the vehicle’s built-in controls and sensors to open and close garage doors and gates.

Tesla Homelink uses wireless communication to connect the vehicle to door openers, providing convenience and seamless integration for Tesla owners. It takes pushing a button a step further by also automating door operation based on proximity. This is the main reason why you would install Tesla Homelink in your car.

Note, Tesla Homelink is available as an option in the Model 3 (2019 and newer) and Model Y. It comes standard in the Model S and X.

Why I Decided to Install Tesla Homelink in My Model Y

When I bought my Tesla Model Y I was surprised to find that it did not include an integrated button or system to control garage doors. This was very odd for such a high-end vehicle. My 2007 Jeep had this option standard as do many modern vehicles.

Instead, Tesla Homelink is an add-on feature and an expensive one at that. At $350 USD ($480 CAD) I said no thanks and continued using a fob like a sucker.

Fast forward to this year when my condo’s garage door died. The replacement was moved forward leaving less time to open the door when turning off the street out front. To avoid the stress of digging out my keys with traffic behind me, I decided to go ahead with a Tesla Homelink installation.

Tesla Homelink Installation

If going through Tesla, a Homelink installation is very straightforward.

First, open the Tesla App and purchase Tesla Homelink through the upgrades and add-ons section.

Tesla Homelink purchase screen in the Tesla App

Once you’ve purchased it, you can schedule an appointment at one of their service centres or authorized locations for Tesla Homelink installation. In some cases, like mine, the installation will be done by mobile service which is super convenient.

At your service appointment, the Tesla technician will carry out the installation process. They will remove the frunk tub to connect the Homelink module to the appropriate wiring and then reassemble it. This took less than 15 minutes for my Tesla Homelink installation.

Tesla Homelink Installation in the front of a Model Y parked in a garage

The technician won’t, in my case, program the Homelink module to work with your specific garage door or gate opener. That was left up to me but was straightforward.

How to Program Tesla Homelink

Once your Tesla Homelink installation is completed you can program it to work with your garage door or gate. The steps are pretty straightfowrd thanks to the guided prompts on the cars display.

  1. Postition the car:
    • Sit in the driver’s seat of your Tesla vehicle with the key fob of your garage door or gate. Park the car infornt of the door you want to program.
  2. Access Controls Menu:
    • Tap the “HomeLink” icon at the top of the Controls screen
    • Tap “Create Homelink”
  3. Homelink Setup:
    • Within the HomeLink screen, input a distinctive name for your device, then select either “Enter” or “Add New HomeLink” to solidify the identity.
    • Select the preferred mode from the options available (Standard, D-Mode, or UR-Mode), and then tap “Set Mode” to confirm your choice.
    • Tap “Start” and follow the prompts. There you can select if you want auto-open along with distance.
    • Save once done.
Tesla Homelink screen settings
  1. Test the Homelink:
    • Once you’ve programmed the button, tap it on the touchscreen to test if it opens or closes your garage door. Be sure your car is in a location where you can safely operate the garage door.
    • If you have more than one garage door or gate to program, repeat the process for each additional button on the touchscreen.
  1. Label Your Homelink Buttons (Optional):
    • You can also give each Homelink button a custom name to make it easier to identify which door or gate it operates.

That’s it! Your Tesla’s Homelink system is now programmed and ready to use. You can open and close your garage door or gate with a simple touch on the touchscreen button in your car or by proximity when you approach.

Tesla Homelink Cost

Tesla Homelink costs $350 USD ($480 CAD). It can be purchased directly through the Tesla App or from a Tesla Service Center.

Tesla myQ (Tesla Homelink Alternative)

myQ software and products establishes communication with your compatible devices through the internet, granting you effortless control and monitoring capabilities from anywhere across the globe, provided you have an internet connection. This includes garage door openers.

Tesla added support for myQ in late 2022 and is a great alternative to Homelink, especially if your door opener already supports it. That said, Tesla myQ does come with one glaring downside, a subscription fee.

Tesla MYQ Subsrciption Costs

While myQ provides free remote garage door control via their mobile app, utilizing myQ integration in a Tesla and other vehicles comes with a price tag. Tesla myQ offers several subscription options based on duration, ranging from $45 per year to a 10-year plan priced at $299, with a 5-year alternative available for $179.

Regrettably, for individuals who have already installed a HomeLink module, investing in myQ may not seem financially practical. The ongoing subscription cost vs. Homelinks one time fee is also a factor if deciding which way to go.

So, is Tesla Homelink Worth it?

Tesla Homelink in action

Whether Tesla Homelink is worth the expense depends on your specific needs and preferences. Homelink offers convenience by allowing you to control compatible garage doors, gates, and home security systems directly from your Tesla vehicle, eliminating the need for separate remotes or keypads. This integration can streamline your daily routine and provide a seamless experience.

However, it’s important to consider the cost and weigh it against the value you place on the convenience Homelink provides. The price of Homelink installation and any additional fees should be factored into your decision-making process. Assessing how frequently you use your garage or gate, the convenience it offers, and your willingness to invest in this feature will help determine its worth to you.

If you value the integration and the convenience of controlling your garage or gate from your Tesla vehicle, then Homelink may be worth the expense. It’s recommended to evaluate your individual needs, consider the long-term benefits, and weigh them against the cost before making a decision.

That all said, given the high cost, Tesla Homelink is worth it for me. Should it be included? Yes. Could it be cheaper? Absolutely. That said, it removes a minor inconvenience but, an inconvenience nonetheless.

What say you? Is the Tesla Homelink installation worth it for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tesla Homelink FAQs

How much does it cost to install Tesla HomeLink?

Tesla Homelink costs $350 USD ($480 CAD). It can be purchased directly through the Tesla App or from a Tesla Service Center.

Why is there no HomeLink in Tesla?

Tesla made the decision to only include Homelink in certain models. As of writing this, this includes the Model S and Model X only. Like seamingly all of Tesla decisions, the inclusion of Tesla Homelink in its lineup of vehicles is subject to change.

Does Tesla come with garage opener?

No, Tesla vehicles typically do not come with a built-in garage door opener, such as HomeLink, as a standard feature. However, many Tesla models offer HomeLink as an optional add-on or part of a premium package. HomeLink is a system that allows you to control garage doors, gates, and other home automation devices from your vehicle.

The availability of HomeLink can vary depending on the specific Tesla model, trim level, and production year. Some Tesla owners may choose to add HomeLink to their vehicle during the purchase process, while others may opt to have it installed aftermarket.

Can I open my garage door from my Tesla App?

Yes! If you have Tesla Homelink installed and configured in your Tesla you can use the Tesla App to control your garage door. If you have summon enabled you may also be able to retrive your car from the garage.

Tesla Homelink Installation Pinterest image


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