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Jeda SSD Review – Discrete Sentry Mode Storage in a Sexy Package

Are you looking for a clean and attractive solution for your TeslaCam and Sentry Mode storage? The Jeda SSD might be for you.

I recently installed and reviewed the Jeda Hub, a USB expansion option that looks like it came straight from Fremont. This sexy USB hub also has a concealed compartment for your Tesla Sentry Mode and TeslaCam USB storage and, wouldn’t you know it, Jeda offers a slick add on solution. This is my Jeda SSD review.

What is the Jeda SSD?

The Jeda SSD is exactly what it sounds like it is – a Solid State Drive specifically designed to work with the Jeda Hub. What makes it pair so nicely? In short, magnets.

The Jeda SSD is a 256 GB SSD attached to a cover plate that fits perfectly on the Jeda Hub. It uses magnets to easily make a connection between the Jeda SSD and the USB A port as well as the faceplate to the Jeda Hub.

Jeda SSD Specs

  • 256GB Solid State Drive designed specifically for TeslaCam and Sentry Mode use.
  • 40 MB/s read/write
  • USB-C with magnetic connector cable
  • $145 USD at
  • Room to grow – Jeda notes on their website that if 256 GB isn’t enough for you, they can upgrade the drive. Contact their support if this is for you.

Why Do You need a Jeda SSD?

The Jeda Hub makes your Sentry Mode storage solution both easy and sexy. The packaging is clean and sleek and makes capturing and viewing your footage super easy.

That said, with the recent refresh of the Model 3 and Model Y came a dedicated USB port in the glovebox along with a USB flash drive. This makes the Jeda SSD more appealing to pre-refresh owners. That said, if you access your drive frequently, having it in the centre console is more convenient yet still secretly concealed.

Standard Jeda HUB solution – 3M tape your drive in place

Jeda SSD Installation

Installing a Jeda SSD is a snap, literally. Thanks to the magnetic USB C connecter, all you have to do is plugin the non-magnet side to the USB port inside the Jeda Hub storage area then line up the faceplate. With a satisfying snap, both the Jeda SSD drive makes a connection with the USB C cable and the faceplate clicks into place.

To complete the setup, format the drive through the settings (Controls -> Safety -> Security) on your Tesla touch screen. Voila!

When you want to watch your footage on another device, you simply pop off the Jeda Hub faceplate and take it with you to your computer. Easy.

Isn’t SSD Bad For Dashcam Use?

This certainly concerned me.

As noted in my post on the best type of storage options for Sentry Mode and TeslaCam, the only true option is High Endurance SD cards. That’s it.

Why? TBW.

Terabytes Written is the spec used to measure the endurance of memory. The higher the number, the longer it will last. High Endurance SD cards have TBW specs upwards of 5,000 whereas SSD’s have TBW around 150. This means you really shouldn’t be using SSD’s for continuous recording. Since TeslaCam is always capturing from its multiple camera’s, this is a problem.

That said, this is not your standard SSD. It was designed specifically for Teslas with video capturing in mind. As such, Jeda claims their drives have a respectable 540 TBW, placing it well above other SSD’s out there. That said, High Endurance SD Cards will still last longer. If you prefer to go that route, here is my recommended setup:

My Thoughts So Far

Although it’s early days in my testing, I am very impressed with the Jeda SSD for its looks and functionality. It offers a clean and attractive solution with an SSD that is designed with one specific application in mind.

Jeda has a handful of interesting products including a MagSafe charging pad and a Console Tray with a built-in Apple Watch charger. Stay tuned as I will be reviewing these shortly.

What do you think? Do you use the Jeda SSD or any other Jeda products? Is there another accessory I should review? Let me know in the comments below!

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