Tesla Model 3 Impressions From a Model Y Owner

You don’t have to search long to find opinions from Model 3 owners on the new Model Y. This makes sense. Many Model 3 owners are looking at the Model Y for some extra space. That said, I haven’t seen any Tesla Model 3 impressions from Model Y owners. This is a bit surprising as there certainly are some Model Y owners out there wondering if the extra cost is worth the legroom.

With my Model Y getting some deficiencies addressed I was given a Model 3 loaner. Here’s my take on Tesla’s best selling vehicle.

My Tesla Experience

Before picking up my Model 3 loaner I realized I had never actually been inside one, let alone driven one. Despite two of my neighbours owning Model 3’s and, optically, every 10th vehicle being one in Vancouver, I’ve surprisingly never been inside one. I’ve been in a few Model S’s over the years and test drove the Model Y just before picking mine up, but never have I sat in a Model 3. This made me all that much more curious on my Tesla Model 3 impressions. Was the Model Y worth the extra ~$15,000? Is it really that much bigger? Let’s find out.

Apples and Slightly Bigger Apples

Tesla Model 3 Impressions From a Model Y Owner

After dropping off my Model Y I collected the key card to my loaner, a 2019 Model 3 Standard Range Plus with Full Self Driving. Waling around the car and I could really tell how much of a size difference there is compared to my Model Y. Then I got inside.

Tesla Model 3 Impressions – Interior

By far the biggest takeaway from my Model 3 impressions is just how crammed and low I felt to the ground compared to sitting in my Model Y. Now to be fair before my Model Y I drove an SUV. Before that, a truck. So that said, I am used to a little more height and legroom in my ride. This was one of the main reasons I went with the Model Y.

Still, given that optically the Model 3 and Model Y are similar, I was surprised by just how much difference there is room wise.

Tesla Model 3 Impressions From a Model Y Owner

The other area I really noticed the overall size difference is the storage space. I opened the frunk of the Model 3 to transfer a package from my Model Y and couldn’t help but laugh at what was under the hood.

The small box that was in my Model Y frunk was not even close to fitting in the Model 3. The trunk was a similar surprise, but this shouldn’t be a shock. Overall, the Model Y boasts 68 cubic feet of cargo space versus just 15 cubic feet in the Model 3. That is a huge difference.

Tesla Model 3 Impressions – Exterior

Tesla Model 3 Impressions From a Model Y Owner

Although the Model 3 and Model Y are built off the same parts, the size difference is easy to see when parked side-by-side. For me, this became more evident parking in my stall at home. My Model Y is a tight squeeze. Having this Model 3 loaner felt flat out luxurious with the all the room I had getting in and out of my spot.

Difference in Quality

Another interesting thing about the Model 3 is, despite its identical interior to the Model Y, the 3 felt lower in quality. The door rattled when closing and the cabin felt creaky overall. I also noticed it had an older console lacking a wireless phone charger. That said, this is an older Model 3 and Tesla recently refreshed their lineup. Still, good to know for anyone considering an upgrade, things do get better.

Is the Model 3 a Better Ride?

Tesla Model 3 Impressions From a Model Y Owner

Aside from space and quality, everything else is largely the same. After a few minutes driving the Model 3, I almost forgot I was in a different vehicle. It has the same touchscreen interface, the same regenerative braking, and the same overall experience as driving a Model Y.

One thing I will say is, despite “Chill Mode” being hard configured, the Model 3 certainly feels sportier. It handles better and drives more like a car than my Model Y. The Model Y feels very heavy and drives link a tank, albeit a very fast one. The Model 3 drives like a car and, for those that are into that, possibly more fun to drive.

So What Are My Tesla Model 3 Impressions?

Although the Model 3 is super fun to drive, I have no regrets paying a little more for its bigger brother. The extra storage room is significant and, for me, riding a little higher with a little more room is well worth it. That said, those that are looking for a sportier car and don’t need the extra space, the Model 3 is an incredible car. I mean, it would have to be for every 10th car in town to be one.

Tesla Model 3 Impressions From a Model Y Owner

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