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Is a Tesla Swivel Screen Worth It? Model 3/Y Install Tips

Wondering if a Tesla swivel screen is for you? Here are my takeaways after installing a Model Y screen swivel.

The brains and central controls for pretty much everything a Tesla does is accessible from the centre console touchscreen. As such a critical component to the car’s functions, wouldn’t it be nice if it was a little more accessible and visible? That’s where a Tesla swivel screen comes in.

In this post, we’ll cover what a Tesla swivel screen does along with my tips and takeaways from my Tesla Model Y swivel screen installation.

We’ll also look at the pros and cons of installing a Tesla screen swivel along with the best Tesla swivel screen mounts and rotating brackets available.

What Is a Tesla Swivel Screen?

In short, a Tesla screen swivel is a Tesla screen rotating bracket you can mount under the centre console screen on a Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. This allows drivers and passengers to adjust the screen for a better viewing angle.

It should be noted that installing a Tesla screen swivel does come with some negatives which we will cover later in this post.

Where to Buy a Tesla Screen Swivel?

I ordered a Tesla Model Y screen swivel from Tesloid and wanted to share my experience installing it. I found the included instructions terrible so hoping these steps will help you out with your own Tesla swivel screen mount installation.

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The kit comes with a Tesla screen rotating bracket, face plates, screws bolts, and tools required to complete the installation.

Required Tools

Speaking of tools, on top of the included ones, I recommend a socket wrench with a 10 mm bit as well as a multibit screwdriver. Also, a blanket to keep your screen safe.

It’s also best to power off your screen before proceeding. To do so, go to Touch Controls > Safety > Power Off. Note, the car will automatically power back on again if the screen is touched or pedals are pressed.

Tesla Swivel Screen Installation Steps.

1) Remove the Fan Assembly

Using the included prybar, remove the fan cover below the screen. Start from the centre top, where you will find a notch, and pry outward.

Next, unscrew the fan from the face plate and set the face plate aside. Keep this in case you revert back to the original bracket in the future.

2) Remove the Screen

Using a 10 mm socket, remove the two bolts below the screen and place them in a cup holder. The screen will stay in place with bolts removed so no need to hold it.

Lay the blanket out over the centre console then remove the screen by pulling it outwards and up, away from the mounting bracket and dash/vents. This may take some wiggling.

Lay the screen flat on the blanket then, with the supplied Torex screwdriver, remove the two screws holding the cover in place. Set screws aside in the cupholder.

Once done, disconnect the cable attached to the screen by first sliding the white protective sleeve on the cable to reveal the latch. Carefully pry the clip and pull the tab upwards to release the cable. I had to use a small flathead to release the clip.

Once disconnected, you will be able to remove the cover and set aside. Again, hang on to this piece in case you wish to revert back later.

3) Install the Tesla Screen Rotating Bracket

The next step is to add the Tesla swivel screen mount and cover.

First, with the arms facing down, slide the new Tesla screen rotating bracket into place. Use the 10 mm bolts to firmly attach. You may have to rotate the swivel side-to-side to access the bolts easily.

Once secured, slide the new cover over the bracket and feed the power cable through.

4) Reinstall the Screen

Next, attach the cover on the back of the screen with the Torex screws that were placed in the cupholder then reattach the power cable. Don’t forget to slide the protective sleeve back down.

Once the screen is connected, carefully slide it onto the Tesla screen rotating bracket and use the provided bolts to secure it into place.

The last step in this Tesla swivel screen install is to attach the new fan cover. This took me a few tries to get flush so be patient.

Is a Tesla Swivel Screen Worth it?

Although having the ability to move the screen is nice, is a Tesla swivel screen worth it? That really comes down to preference and use.

If you struggle to see items on the screen, tilting it absolutely helps. Seeing maps and the speedometer is much easier with the screen slightly tilted towards the driver’s position. I have found it particularly helpful while driving.

If your passenger wants to play games or help navigate while on a road trip, this certainly is a nice add-on.

Last, if you spend time in your car watching videos, a swivel screen is a must-have. This is especially great for watching shows while charging the car or while car camping.

A Tesla Screen Swivel is Not Perfect

That all said, there are a couple of drawbacks to installing a Tesla swivel screen.

First, the screen sits slightly lower in the Tesla screen rotating bracket. This removes the line of sight for your phone in the wireless charging dock. This may not be a bad thing as also removes a distraction however, something to be aware of.

If this bothers you but still want to install a Tesla swivel screen, I suggest picking up a cell phone holder.

At a minimum, I strongly suggest, adding a rubber guard as hitting the screen with your phone will be more common. I had a Turo guest crack my screen with it in the normal position so again, I highly recommend this cheap rubber safety add-on.

Lastly, installing this, like several other mods, could affect your warranty. This can be avoided should you have any issues around the display by reverting back to the original bracket before bringing it into service.


  • Better viewing angle
  • OEM look


  • Sits lower than original mount and may block view of phone

Where to Find the Best Tesla Swivel Screen

Although there are plenty of options on Amazon, the best Tesla screen swivel I found was through Tesloid. It includes a nice bracket cover, which gives it a much cleaner, OEM look than some of the options out there.

It retails for $199 and readers of this site can get 10% off with promo code “MYEV

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Tesla Screen Swivel FAQ

Does the Tesla Model Y screen swivel?

The Tesla Model Y does not have a swivelling screen. The Model Y features a large central touchscreen display that is fixed in position and does not have the ability to swivel or rotate however, with a modification, you can add a Model Y screen swivel mount.

Can you tilt the screen in a Tesla?

Yes, in certain Tesla models and years (refreshed S and X), you can tilt the touchscreen display. The orientation and positioning of the screen can be adjusted to provide a better viewing angle and improved visibility for the driver and passengers. This feature allows for customization based on individual preferences and can enhance the overall user experience while interacting with Tesla’s infotainment system.

Is Tesla screen vertical or horizontal?

Tesla vehicles, including the Model Y, Model 3, and refreshed Model S and X feature a landscape (horizontal) oriented touchscreen display. Older Model S and X Teslas have a larger touchscreen positioned in a vertical orientation, which means it is taller than it is wide.

What do you think? Would you install a Tesla scene rotating bracket? Let me know in the comments below!

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