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Hills Review: Awesome Tesla Wood Interior Trim Cover Upgrade!

The Telsa wood interior trim that comes standard with the Model 3 and Model Y black seats isn’t for everyone. This has led to a variety of center console covers and trims to help owners customize their ride and set it apart from the rest.

I, for one, really like the Tesla Model Y wood trim. As such, I went for the black interior in both of my Model Y orders. Still, as time went on, I wanted a refreshed look. Loving the wood grain style, I searched for a Tesla wood trim cover and came across Hills, a European-based company focused on quality Tesla wood interior customization.

Here is my Hills review along with tips on my Tesla Model Y wood trim installation.

About Hills Tesla Accessories

As per the Hills website, they describe themselves as being driven by an unwavering dedication to practical design with a deep appreciation for Tesla’s minimalist aesthetics. The engineers at Hills devote meticulous effort to crafting accessories that seamlessly harmonize with the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. Every accessory is painstakingly handcrafted, using premium, natural materials, all in our relentless pursuit of delivering a truly unique Tesla experience.

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What is a Hills Tesla Wood Trim Cover?

close up of Hills Tesla wood trim cover

Simply put, a Hills Tesla wood trim cover is a dashboard and center console cover made from natural wood products. They come in various finishes and offer Tesla owners a clean and stylish way to upgrade their interiors.

What Wood Finishes Does Hills Offer?

As of writing this, Hills offers four different Tesla wood interior finishes;

1) Walnut

Walnut perfectly complements the OEM Dashboard’s original black interior, displaying rich tones and undeniable elegance.

2) Maple

Maple boasts a timeless elegance with its golden-white appearance, making it a graceful wood finish that perfectly complements your interior.

3) Black Ash

Black Ash presents a modern and sleek aesthetic with its sophisticated matte black wood finish.

4) Ebony

Ebony is the darkest and most opulent wood option, delivering an exceptionally sleek and timeless finish.

My Hills Tesla Wood Interior

For my Hills Tesla wood interior, I originally selected the Black Ash as I love the dark wood grain look. For years I have used wood covers on my MacBooks and currently have a black ash one that is super slick.

Hills was, unfortunately, back ordered on the Black Ash line so I opted to go in the opposite direction and ordered the Maple finish. As slick as the black-on-black Tesla wood interior finish would, the Maple certainly stands out more and, as I would find, would look a lot better with my custom Tesla wrap.

Hills Tesla Wood Trim Cover Order

Hills Tesla Wood Interior Trim packaging

The packaging on the Hills Telsa wood trim cover is pretty impressive, but I guess it would have to be. As the center console cover and dash cover are made from real wood and are relatively thin, they are delicate. Hills dose an excellent job ensuring your order arrives intact.

In the long dashboard cover box, you will find a Tesla wood trim cover, two end pieces, and a small card with a QR code linking to install instructions.

Hills Tesla Wood Trim Cover Installation

Installing a Hills dashboard cover is very straightforward, essentially aligning and sticking. That said, they can be finicky so I recommend you have an extra set of hands to assist you.

Here are the steps I took for my Tesla Model Y wood trim installations.

1) Prepare the Surfaces

Before installing the Tesla wood trim cover, ensure the dash is clean and free of debris. Wipe it down and make sure it is dry before proceeding. This will allow for optimal adhesion.

Hills maple Tesla Wood Interior Trim layered on top of original trim

2) Test the Fit

Next, I did a test placement with both the wood dash and center console cover on the surfaces to help visualize the final result and ensure a proper fit. To help with the final alignment, I attached the end pieces first.

3) Peel and Place

Once happy with the fit of the dash cover I peeled off the adhesive backing from the rear side of the cover.

maple Tesla Wood Interior Trim close up

With my helper, we aligned the Tesla Model Y wood trim in place then applied steady pressure on the cover, paying extra attention to delicate areas like the corners, for a duration of 30 to 45 seconds. This crucial step helps to guarantee proper adhesion, securely anchoring the cover in position.

Hills Center Console Cover Installation

Installing a Hills center console cover is a little trickier than the dash and requires steady hands and some patience.

Here are the steps I took for my Hills center console cover installation;

1) Prepare the Surfaces

Same as the bash install, before installing the center console cover, ensure the console is clean and free of debris.

2) Start with the sliding door

Have two credit cards handy and place a pen or pencil in the middle of the sliding door cover as per the photo below. This will help guide the cover in place.

Remove the backing and slide the wood coverforward underneath the lip of the console then place the credit cards in the door slot. Use this as a guide for proper fit.

Once in place, slowly remove the pen while ensuring the cover is attached and in line with the sides.

This took a couple of tries for me so be sure to take your time.

3) Attach the cupholder cover

The cup holder piece is much easier to install. Align the left side then the right. Press into place and hold for 30 seconds.

Hills maple Tesla center console cover

Where to Buy Hills Products

Hills Tesla accessories can be purchased directly from their website. They also have some products available on Amazon so check there first as shipping costs and times may be lower and quicker depending on where you live.

My Hills Wood Cover Review So Far

The Good

I wasn’t sure about the lighter maple look at first but have come to really like the contrast with the dark interior. It’s

The Not so Good

I had some issues with the center console cover lifting shortly after installation. It was a minor inconvenience as I was able to address it with some additional double-sided tape.

So, Is a Hills Tesla Wood Trim Cover Worth it?

If you are looking to refresh your Tesla wood interior, adding a Hills Tesla Model Y wood trim dash and center console cover will certainly do the trick. That said, they are premium products so the price may be a factor in your decision. On the positive, the quality is there and the covers are sure to last longer than the cheaper options found on Amazon.

Tesla Wood Interior Trim review pinterest image

Hills Wood Cover FAQ

Does Tesla use real wood?

Tesla has used real wood veneers in some of their vehicle interiors. That said, in newer models, Tesla is switching to non-woven fabric.

Are Hills covers made from real wood?

Yes, Hills wood covers utilize genuine wood, with a non-toxic 3M double-sided adhesive backing on the rear. Unlike many aftermarket accessories, they don’t employ an aluminium backing plate.

How do you maintain Hills wood covers?

Hills wood covers are easy to maintain as they employ a premium finish on the wood, featuring a protective insulating layer. This shields the wood from common scratches and liquid stains. In case of liquid spills on the wood, you can easily clean the covers by wiping them with a damp cloth followed by a microfiber cloth to remove any excess moisture.

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