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Wrap My Ride – Twiisted Wrap Review

Love your Tesla but wish it stood out? Twiisted Wrap can help.

As noted in the breakdown of my second Tesla Model Y order, I decided to stick with the base Pearl White colour option this time around. I did this to save on cost. Also, I am not convinced Tesla’s paint quality is the best. As I found with my Midnight Silver Metalic 2020 Tesla Model Y, a premium paint option at the time, paint chips were all too common. So much so that I did a complete PPF wrap on the car to protect it.

That said, having a plain white Tesla is a bit boring and doesn’t stand out in the sea of white ones. This is especially true in my home town of Vancouver where seemingly every 10th car is a white Tesla. This is where wrapping comes in.

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is exactly what it sounds like it is – ie. wrapping your ride with a vinyl product. Traditionally done for branding company vehicles, wrapping for a colour change has become incredibly popular, especially with the Tesla community. Wraps come in a variety of colours and finishes giving owners plenty of options to customize the appearance of their vehicle.

Wrap My Ride – Twiisted Wrap Review satin battleship grey

That all said, vinyl wraps offer limited protection from scratches and rock chips. Paint protection film (PPF) is thicker and is meant to protect the vehicle’s original paint.

Why I Chose 3M Battleship Grey To Wrap My Ride

There are several vinyl wrap manufacturers out there but the most popular are arguably Avery and 3M. Both have lines that are preferred by installers which in turn are preferred by customers as their vehicles spend less time in the shop. Both are durable, long-lasting, and easy to remove so my choice came down to colour options.

With so many colour options from both manufacturers, I found it difficult to decide on what to go with. I LOVE the matte grey finish of my 2020 Model Y but wanted something a little different this time around. I like greys and landed on 3M’s Satin Battleship Grey. In all honestly, I love the name so marketing was definitely a factor.

I would later find out that the original wood trim kind of clashed with the new wrap colour so I opted to install maple dash and center console covers.

Why I Chose Twiisted Wrap to Wrap my Ride

If you search for certified vehicle wrap companies in Vancouver (or your home city) you will have plenty of options. For me, deciding which company to go with came down to a couple of factors, quality of work, warranty, and cost. Twiisted Wrap hit on all marks.

Wrap My Ride – Twiisted Wrap Review satin battleship grey

They have 10 years of experience wrapping cars (and plenty of recent experience with Tesla) and they take the time to remove parts for a proper wrap. Looking through their portfolio, you can see the quality of work that they do. On top of that, Twiisted wrap offers a lifetime warranty on their work. This means any bubbling or lifted edges will be addressed.

Installation Process

With my product and colour selection complete, I booked a slot with Twiisted Wrap. Despite being very busy, they were able to accommodate getting me in before my Oregon road trip which was much appreciated.

After dropping the car off I noted that their techs immediately got to work prepping and cleaning. I planning on coming back later in the week to take some photos of the installation process but later that day I got a call saying that the car was half done. I came back in the afternoon and to my surprise, the bulk of the car was covered. They don’t mess around here.

Unlink the Xpel PPF I got on my 2020 Model Y, vinyl wraps are applied dry, heated, and pressed into place. The 3M product I went with has integrated channels on the backside to help air escape. This means far fewer bubbles and, as I found, a faster install.

Wrap My Ride – Extras

I took advantage of a few extra services Twiisted Wrap offers while the car was in their shop.

Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating makes washing your car very easy. Often, just spraying it down with water is sufficient as dirt and debris do not stick to the coating. Twiisted Wrap offers a variety of other services including ceramic coating and gives a discount if you wrap your ride with them.

I opted for this add-on as they use a unique product that is said to be self-healing. I will follow up with a dedicated review once I try it out but my first impressions are that it is very slick!

Instagram Decal

Twiisted Wrap is a part of Twiisted Media, a design and print shop. They were able to make me an Instagram tag decal for my rear passenger window.

Matte Black Tesla Logo

Tesla Model Ys come with everything “chrome deleted” except, for some odd reason, the logos. No worries, they can be wrapped as well.

Wrap My Ride – Twiisted Wrap Review satin battleship grey

Tesla Letters

Last but not least, my favourite addition is the replacement of the rear logo with raised letters spelling out Tesla.

Wrap My Ride – Twiisted Wrap Review satin battleship grey

How Long Does It Take To Wrap My Ride?

Depending on the size and the installer, wrapping a vehicle typically takes 5 to 7 days. As mentioned, Twiisted Wrap installers are very experienced, especially with Teslas. They had the bumpers dropped in no time and the wrap was completed in just two days! The ceramic coating added another day, so, all in, the job took 3 days.

Vinyl Wrap Touch Up

On top of a lifetime warranty, Twiisted Wrap offers a free touch-up session within a few weeks of the installation. This gives the wrap enough time in the elements to settle and may reveal some areas that need some attention.

Model Y Wrap Cost

Wrap My Ride – Twiisted Wrap Review satin battleship grey

A full Model Y colour change wrap will cost you $3000+ CAD. I would be careful going with companies that undercut this too much as they likely cut corners and do not remove parts. This means less than optimal coverage.

Twiisted Wrap has offered a discount code for readers of my Contact me here or through the comments below to get your code!

Wrapping Up

From the crazy fast service to their attention to detail, I am very pleased with the work that Twiisted Wrap did. The car looks great and, on first look, no major bumps or defects. If you live in Vancouver’s lower mainland, I highly recommend checking them out.


Wrap My Ride – Twiisted Wrap Review satin battleship grey

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Wrap My Ride – Twiisted Wrap Review satin battleship grey
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