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Tesla Cosplay? Here’s an Easy Tesla Halloween Hack to Try!

When it comes to Halloween, costumes and lawn decorations have long been the stars of the show. Recently though, there’s a new act in town that’s adding some electrifying humour to the mix, Tesla cosplay.

EV enthusiasts have been taking to the streets with imaginative Tesla Halloween costumes for their cars. From adding fangs to the front grills to frunks full of candy, the creative designs are impressive.

Although impressive, some of those car cosplay costumes are pricey and time-consuming. If that all seems too much for you, here’s an inexpensive and easy Tesla Halloween hack to try!

Bat Wings for Cars?

Bat wings for cars? Yup, that’s a thing.

EveryAmp licence plate holder with Tesla Halloween bat wings attached

This creative car cosplay accessory offers a subtle yet playful way to add some personality to your vehicle. While they won’t turn your car into the Batmobile overnight, they do provide a touch of creative flair that can make your vehicle stand out in a lighthearted way.

These simple license plate attachments are easy to install and can be a fun addition if you’re looking to give your car a bit of low-key fun this Halloween season.

So, if you’re in the mood for some light automotive cosplay or a subtle nod to Halloween, bat wings for license plates might just be the understated accessory you’re looking for.

Where to Buy this Tesla Cosplay Hack

EveryAmp has come out with these simple bat wings as an accessory to their slick removable licence plate holder called SnapPlate.

Each kit is meticulously crafted in California by a team of Tesla enthusiasts and owners. They are committed to environmental sustainability is reflected in their choice of Prusa 3D printers, which allow them to produce robust components with internal structures that efficiently utilize plastics. To further reduce our carbon footprint, they power their 3D-printer facility with Tesla Solar and Powerwalls.

You can purchase these creative attachments through EveryAmp and they cost $30 per set. They also offer a discounted front and back bundle for $50.

Also, readers of my site can get an additional 10% off using promo code MYEV

Naughty or Nice?

If bat wings aren’t your thing but still want to add a little something fun to your ride, EveryAmp also has a set of cute angel wings. They are slightly larger and more detailed than the bat wings and cost $35 per set.

Easy Installation

This Tesla Halloween hack is as easy as screwing two screws to a licence plate. They are designed to work perfectly with EveryAmp’s SnapPlate which is a removable licence plate holder specifically designed for electric vehicles.

Utilizing the same pair of screws used for securing the license plate, attaching these wings is a straightforward task.

It should be noted though, that you don’t need a SnapPlate to attach these bat wings for cars. They are equally compatible with the original plate mount or various other aftermarket options for almost any vehicle, provided there’s sufficient space surrounding the license plate for the wings. Extending approximately 10 inches outward, they require at least 2 inches of clearance to sway gracefully without any risk of collision.

That said, if you are a Tesla or EV owner, I highly recommend picking up a SnapPlate.

Who Is This Tesla Halloween Hack For?

Just like those who spend hours perfecting their Halloween costume or spend a fortune on inflatable creatures for the front lawn, there are enthusiasts who take their car cosplay to the extreme. This Tesla Halloween hack isn’t that and is about as simple as Tesla cosplay can get.

If you are more of a Jim than a Dwight when it comes to your own costume, this Tesla Halloween hack is 100% for you. Quick to install and subtle yet still garners attention.

So if you are searching for bat wings for cars with as little effort as possible, this simple Tesla Halloween hack is for you.

That all said, this simple Halloween trick can also make a nice addition to a bigger design or costume you are doing for your ride.

Tesla Christmas Mode!

EveryAmp licence plate holder with Tesla reindeer antlers attached

EveryAmp isn’t just about a spooky Tesla Halloween. They also engage Tesla Christmas Mode by giving your ride a little holiday spirit. Turn your car into Rudplph with their Tesla reindeer antlers attachments!

These Tesla reindeer antlers come in black or gold and come with a cute red nose! This is a great way to spread holiday cheer and bring a smile to the faces of kids of all ages as you pass.

Have a Happy Tesla Halloween!

So, there you have it! Bat wings on your Tesla – an affordable and super fun way to channel the Halloween spirit. Let your creativity soar and make this Halloween one for the books, as you cruise the streets in style, complete with an electrifying touch of Tesla magic. Happy haunting! 🦇🎃

Tesla Halloween hack Pinterest image. Tesla Cosplay fit car bat wings attached to licence plate holder
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