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Black Friday Tesla Accessories Worth Picking Up

Looking for Black Friday Tesla accessory deals? Many of my favourite items are on sale now.

Despite there being very few cosmetic changes between the 2020 and 2022 versions, I was surprised to find that some of my favourite Tesla Model Y accessories that I have accumulated so far were not compatible with my new ride. As such, I searched for some alternatives, many of which are currently on sale.

Here is an updated list of my favourite Black Friday Tesla Model Y accessories along with what I was able to transfer over and what I had to buy new.

Tesmanian Floor Mats

Similar to my 2020 model, one of the first Model Y accessories I picked was a set of Tesmanian floor mats. This is because the car still ships with basic carpet ones.

Now I could have transferred these over as the fit is the same between the 2020 and 2022 versions, but I chose to get new ones. Having these for delivery day ensures that you are keeping the car protected from the get-go.

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Performance Pedals

Once again, with my clean Tesmanian mats installed, I found my stock pedals looking dull. With my 2020 Tesla Model Y I purchased a set of Silver Performance Pedal Covers. Although they held up nicely, I wasn’t going to fuss with swapping them out. Instead, I purchased a new set, this time in matte black which I think looks pretty sharp.

Screen Protector

My Top 10 Must Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

Speaking of a matte finish, I really liked the screen protector from Elon Accessories on my 2020 Model Y. Not only has it actually protected the screen from cracking, (the protector broke when a passenger hit the screen with their phone) it also has a matte finish that reduces glare and makes fingerprints less noticeable. Since it is not transferable, I happily purchased another one for my 2022 Tesla Model Y.

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Center Console Storage

One of the major changes with the 2022 Model Y compared to my 2020 version is the centre console. Since it has been completely revamped, all of my favourite Jeda accessories are no longer compatible. On top of that, Tesla does not include any trays for this very deep area.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there including this great combo pack. It includes a sliding tray for the front compartment and another tray for the armrest area. Both fit perfectly and help keep things tidy.

Hidden Storage

Another area affected by the updated centre console is the space underneath the lid. Here you can add this nifty hidden storage compartment. I use this spot to store my third-party EV charging access cards and security bit for removing my SnapPlate.

Silicone Cupholder Protector

Another change that comes with the new console is the cupholders. Although I didn’t purchase a protector for them in my 2020 Model Y, I learned my lesson as it became difficult to clean the area. With this simple cupholder protector, not only does it hold drinks firmly in place, you can remove the protector for easy cleaning.

Cell Phone Holder

Another new item this time around is a cell phone holder. Along with the new centre console in the 2022 Model Y comes a charging pad area where the phone is now less visible. In the old console, I could glance down at my phone but now I find that the corner of the screen blocks this a bit. As such, I purchased a cell phone holder.

There are plenty of options out there (I will share my comparison post soon) but for me, I went with a very basic magnetic one that attaches to the back of the screen. The best feature is it can hide out of view when not in use.

S3XY Buttons

This easy mod allows you to add up to eight programmable buttons to your Tesla. You can set these up to perform an array of functions including opening doors, frunk, trunk, glovebox, or changing drive, climate, and regen settings. I use mine to easily fold my mirrors and single-fire my wipers, something I hate digging through the menu systems for.

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Garbage Bag Holder

Another Tesla Model Y accessory that I could have transferred over but didn’t is the garbage bag holder on the back seat. The first one I bought had a Model 3 logo on it and since then, a Model Y logo and a plain black one came available. I went with the plain black and once again love having it for both road trips and Turo guests.

My Top 10 Must Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

Door Lock Covers

Next up are these super basic covers that are sadly still needed for those like me with OCD. πŸ˜‰

Once again, Tesla neglects blacking out some of the hardware on the car. To me, this is odd as they have gone with a chrome delete on trim and handles. This makes the door hinges and hardware really stand out. Thankfully, these affordable plastic pieces cover up these spots.

My Top 10 Must Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

Additional Storage

Since there is no drivetrain, there are plenty of storage areas in the Model Y. That said, just like the cavernous space in the centre console, these areas can quickly become a mess. Thankfully, there are plenty of great accessories to keep those spots tidy. Here are my favourite:

Snap Plate Licence Plate Holder

A new-to-me accessory with my 2022 Tesla Model Y is the SnapPlate removable licence plate holder. Now, although I had a Quick Bandit removable plate holder on my 2020 Tesla Model Y that could have easily transferred over, I used this as an opportunity to compare the two. In the end, SnapPlate was a clear favourite for its ease of use and design.

If you live in a location that requires a front plate, this is a great option. Not only does it allow you to remove the plate for cleaning the car and taking photos, but it also does not physically stick to the body like the frame that comes with the car.

Rim Protectors

Similar to the 2020 version, the wheels on the 2022 Tesla Model Y are incredibly easy to curb rash. Thankfully, there are  Rim Protectors available to ease this pain.

I haven’t ordered the protectors this time around as I have become super aware of scratching the rims. I have also become quite good at repairing minor damage myself. Still, including them here as I see so many scratched-up rims in my area.

Lifting Jack Pad

Next up is an accessory I was able to transfer over, these Jack Pads.

Since the entire underside of the car is one large battery pack, using a traditional jack can damage it. This doesn’t mean you can not lift the car to replace a tire, it just means you need a special pad to do it safely.

This set of four is affordable and comes in a carry case.

Jeda Tray

As mentioned, the upgraded console means that I can’t transfer over my Jeda Tray or SSD and Hub. On the positive, Jeda does make a hub/tray combo that works with the new console. I haven’t picked this up yet but look forward to trying it out soon.

What 2022 Model Y Accessories Am I Missing??

After a couple years of experience, I have found plenty of things to love with my Model Y. For the areas that I dislike or think that Tesla can do better, I found some affordable accessories that address them. Lucky for you, there are many Black Friday Tesla deals for these items.

Still, am I missing any Model Y accessories? Let me know in the comments below!

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*As of Sept 2021, Tesla has put a pause on referrals 😞 I will update if they reinstate it.

My Top 10 Must Have Tesla Model Y Accessories

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