Tesla Model Y 2022 updates – How Does It Compare to My 2020

Although I was initially holding out for a new 4860 battery pack, the Tesla Model Y 2022 updates include some nice upgrades over my 2020. That said, there are also a couple of things I’m not crazy about.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of likes and dislikes between the two models.

*Note – A lot of these features were introduced with the 2021 Tesla Model Y. I am considering them new to me in the 2022 Model Y.

Like – 2022 Fit and Finish

By far and away the biggest improvement with the Tesla Model Y 2022 updates is the quality. It’s odd to put this as a plus as a luxury car like this should be built well but my 2020 just isn’t. The gaps around the hatch are canyon sized compared to the 2022 model. Best of all, The doors are flush on the 2022 Model Y. Again, odd to be happy about this but here we are.

@myevtrips How far has Tesla’s quality control come in two years? You tell me. 😂 * * For my full run down on the differences between these two including what I actually prefer with the older one, check out #tesla #teslamodely #tesladelivery #teslaissue #teslaissues #teslatok #teslacar ♬ september on crack ft. a recorder (Earth, Wind & Fire – September) – frickin weeb

Interestingly, the side mirror and door trim are flush on my 2020 and not on the 2022 model. This is the only area that seems to be aligned with the 2020 Model Y in comparison. That said, I was told on delivery day 2022 is designed this way so…

Lastly, the frunk, trunk, and liftgate overall just feel like it is higher quality in the 2022 Model Y.

Like – Ride Quality

Another big plus for the 2022 Model Y is the ride quality. It is so much smoother than my 2020. This is likely due to the stock 19-inch Gemini wheels versus the upgraded 20 inches induction that I put on my 2020 Model Y. Still, the 2020 just seems to rattle a lot in comparison. This was the main reason why I decided to sell my Tesla.

Still, I think the wheel size is noticeable enough to recommend anyone ordering to go with the smaller wheels. For me, it was more that I did not like the grey Aerowheel covers on the stock wheels. To remedy this, there are great black covers you can pick up that instantly transform the overall look of the car. They are very affordable and easy to install!

Another plus with ride quality is the road noise in the 2022 Tesla Model Y, or lack thereof. Thanks to the double pane glass and overall better fit and finish, this is much improved. I won’t say drastically although it is noticeable.

Like – Tesla Model Y 2022 Updates

The double pane glass isn’t the only upgrade to be happy about. The 2022 Telsa Model Y comes with heated wipers and a heated steering wheel, both missing in the 2020 model. On top of that, Bio Defence Mode, a high-end filtration system that has already come in handy, is also new to me in the 2022 Model. Lastly, the 2022 Tesla Model Y comes with a Tesla-branded USB stick for Sentry Mode. There is also a USB port securely located in the glove box in the 2022 Tesla Model Y.

Although the interior trim is largely the same, I did opt to customize the wooden dash and center console.

All these extras are nice to have but day-to-day, not noticeable and weren’t a factor in why I decided to sell my 2020 Tesla Model Y.

Like – Infotainment System Upgrade

Also not noticeable day-to-day is the much-improved internals of the infotainment system. The upgraded Ryzen processor in the 2022 Tesla Model Y definitely makes things like games, web browsing, and watching YouTube not only faster but usable. YouTube in particular was very sluggish in my 2020 Tesla Model Y.

This again though, is more of a nice to have. I’m not one to use these features as when I am charging I’m typically seeing sites nearby or grabbing a coffee.

Dislike – Centre Console

Although I used to curse the ever-so-sensitive console lid in the 2020 Tesla Model Y, I have come to appreciate it and the charging pad area. The Tesla Model Y 2022 updates include a centre console that I am not crazy about. Although arguably more premium-looking (although the stitching that I don’t care for on the door now runs along the centre consul as well), I find it bulky. On top of that is missing a tray inside. This is something you can cheaply purchase off of Amazon but still, odd to not include one.

Lastly with the centre console, and most importantly, it’s missing a lid to cover the phone charging area.

I use this area a lot as I carry a work phone separate from my personal phone and often leave one in the car when I’m running inside to grab something. With the lid closed on the 2020 Tesla Model Y, it feels a little safer than having a phone visible. The charging pads were also easy to swap out on the 2020 Model Y. I prefer my Jeda wireless charging pad with Mag Safe over the embedded one in the 2022 Model.

Dislike – Seats and Steering Wheel

I’m not sure if it’s just a matter of wearing it in but I find the sides of the 2022 Tesla Model Y seats very stiff to the point of it being uncomfortable. On top of that, the lumbar function Is removed on the passenger side in the 2022 Models, something present in my 2020 model.

The steering wheel on the 2022 Model Y also sounds like it’s crunching celery compared to my 2020. I was told it was, again, designed this way but I’m sceptical.


All in all the Tesla Model Y 2022 updates are nice but not necessarily a must-have. That said, the build quality is so much better and makes the car just seem like the high-end vehicle it truly is.

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