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Rimetrix Tesla Wheel Cover Review – Upgrade Those Ugly Gemini Wheels

Love the ride quality of the factory Tesla wheels but hate the looks? These Rimetrix Tesla wheel covers just might be for you.

As highlighted in my post comparing Teslas Model Y wheel options, I’m not a fan of the standard Gemini wheels. The grey wheel covers look cheap in my opinion and don’t match the chrome delete Tesla has now implemented.

That said, I have since come around on the smaller wheel option due to the ride quality that you get from them. It is significantly better as I found with my 2022 Tesla Model Y. So Much so that I now recommend them over the upgraded Induction wheels.

Still, this leaves the issue with the looks of the grey wheel covers. That’s where Rimetrix comes in.

What Are Rimetrix Wheel Covers?

Rimetrix wheel covers give Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners like myself customization options when it comes to the look of their factory wheels. They offer matte black and silver options that not only look better than the factory Aerowheel and Gemini offerings but also improve battery efficiency as well.

How to Order Rimetrix Wheel Covers

I ordered a set of four Rimetrix Laminar black wheel covers for a cost of $289 USD plus tax. Shipping is an additional $32 plus duty fees. This does add up but much better than upgrading the wheels upon ordering or replacing them after the fact.

Rimetrix Wheel Cover Installation

Installing Rimetrix wheel covers are very easy.

Step One: Install the Foam Backing

Each wheel comes with a precut strip of foam backing. Work your way around inside the wheel cover carefully applying each strip. This is the longest part of the Rimetrix installation.

Step Two: Remove Factory Wheel Covers

To remove the factory wheel covers, grip the cover and pull it straight out. Work your way around the wheel until the cover comes off.

Step Three: Install the Rimetrix Wheel Covers

Line up the Rimetrix covers cut out for the tire spout then fasten the cover into place by pushing the clips in, again working your way around in a circular motion.

Bonus advantage with these wheel covers is that they can cover up pre-exisiting curb rash!

Step Four: Install the Center Cap

Line up the centre caps clips with the holes on the wheel cover and push them into place with your hand.

Removing the Wheel Covers

Removing the Rimetrix wheel covers is the same as removing the factory covers except the centre cap has to come off first. To remove the centre cap use a plastic prybar and be careful not to scratch the sides. You can use a cloth or painter’s tape to be extra safe. Once the caps are removed you can pull off the wheel covers the same way you removed the factory ones.


For me, the efficiency gains are still up for debate. I will take a deeper dive into this on my upcoming road trip down the Pacific coast.

Before in the background 😉

That said, I did this primarily for the looks and I’m very happy with the results so far. On top of matching the matte black trim, the design of the wheel covers is unique. With my factory white paint (for now), these covers certainly help my Model Y stand out in the sea of other white ones on the road.

What do you think?

Rimetrix Alternative

Although Rimetrix wheel covers are an attractive option to change the look of the factory wheels, they are overpriced in my opinion. At the end of the day, they are just moulded plastic. Thankfully, there are some cheaper alternatives out there.

Over on Alibaba, you can find covers that give you the Überturbine style similar to those found on the Model Y performance version. Personally, I like the looks of these better than the Rimetrix Laminar. These Überturbine covers also include the Tesla centre cap whereas the Rimetrix ones don’t. Last, at ~$85 USD per set, they are significantly more affordable. Online reviews are excellent and I will definitely be trying these out in the near future.

Better yet, Tesloid makes an attractive set of Überturbine covers as well. They are a little more expensive but you can get 10% off with promo code MYEV.

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RIMETRIX Tesla wheel cover review

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