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Why the Model Y Midnight Silver Metallic Is or Isn’t for You

Of all the colour options available, there is little argument that the Model Y Midnight Silver Metallic is the most unique. Here’s why.

The Model Y Silver Metallic (Subtly) Sticks Out

Out of the sea of white Model Y’s out there, Midnight Silver Metalic (MSM) definitely stands out. More so than the occasional red or blue variance. Why? Because those are primary colours. The Model Y Midnight Silver is the only option that goes off the colour wheel. Is it blue? Is it grey? Or is it both? Why is it called silver?

I say this because it certainly doesn’t pop as red or blue does. Those colours certainly say “I want attention.” The Model Y Metallic Silver sticks out in a way that says “I want to be different.” As an introvert who drives a Tesla, subconsciously, maybe that’s why I went with this colour choice? I should ask my therapist…

Why Should I Choose the Model Y Midnight Silver?

So, we established that Midnight Silver Metallic is, at minimum, different from the other colour options. So why would you pick it?

The appeal, of course, would be first and foremost. Colour choices, after all, are a personal preference. That said, there are other factors at play. If you want to stand out without screaming look at me, the Model Y Metallic Silver is for you. On top of that, the darker colour option helps hide dirt and scratches a bit better so this is something to keep in mind there.

What about resale? Colour definitely plays a role. Brighter colours are generally more desirable with sports car as they are associated with speed. That said, those that like the look of MSM will still be interested so this is a bit of a wash. Either way, the premium colour options should be easier to sell as there are fewer out there compared to the standard white.

Why Shouldn’t I Choose the Model Y Midnight Silver?

Colour aside, Midnight Silver Metallic isn’t for everyone. As established, the colour just may not appeal to you. On top of that, the option is “premium“ meaning you pay more for it. At the time of publishing this, the cost of MSM is $1,000 USD ($1,300 CAD). Also, I say “premium“ in quotes because the paint job is anything but.

Tesla is known for its notoriously poor paint quality. There are plenty of horror stories out there on chipped paint after as little as 2,000 miles. I’m certainly not immune to this.

That’s a Wrap

If the colour is not your preference or you were not willing to pay extra for inferior paint quality, you’re better off sticking with the standard white. Now, this variant certainly has its own issues but at least you’re not paying more for them.

On top of that, if you are concerned about looking like every other Model Y out there, you can put that extra paint funds towards a custom paint job or, better yet, wrapping the vehicle. The latter being a much cheaper and much more popular option.

Wrapping a Tesla is very popular and is definitely a combo of pride of ownership, standing out, and covering up poor paint jobs. There is the benefit of protecting the original paint as well. I am considering stealth Xpel for mine. Not only will it protect the vehicle, but it will also give it a matt finish.

What do you think of the Model Y Midnight Silver Metallic with Xpel Stealth? Yay or nay?

Are You on Team MSM?

What’s your take on the Model Y Midnight Silver Metallic colour? Love it or too subtle? Or not worth the extra price? Let me know! I’m also, curious, what colour do you think I should wrap my Model Y if not mattering it out with Xpel Stealth? Let me know in the comments below!


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    April 12, 2021 at 2:52 pm

    I wonder if the Matt finish will mark over time or do the ceramics protect from that?

    • Avatar
      April 12, 2021 at 11:09 pm

      The one I am looking at is a paint protection film so two in one – changes look and protect the car. Ceramic coating is more for ease of cleaning as water beads off.


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